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    Virgil grew up as an average Heartlander in the city of Helena, as the only child of his fairly wealthy parents. He often resented the beliefs and practices of the Heartlanders, but he tolerated all of it for the sake of his family. His parents often dragged him along to Church, where he sat and tried to block out the beliefs of Canonism which he resented. Virgil often kept to himself within the people of Helena, preferring to stay home and read rather than go out and meet people. As Virgil grew older, he gained an affinity for arcane magic, more specifically, elemental evocation. he found out about the various types of magic through all of the books he had read through in his adolescence, and once he finally hit adulthood, he desired to learn and master the forms of elemental evocation. His parents, however, were against the idea, as they thought he had desired to follow the beliefs of the Heartlanders and the Church of the Canon. A large-scale fight broke out between Virgil and his father, and after a rather physical confrontation, Virgil left his family home, and the city of Helena, in pursuit of his dreams. One long and tiring journey across across the various lands later, Virgil ended up in the city of Fenn, where he believed he could finally make some advancements on his dream.
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