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  1. Sin Kattiya began to write his diary about this grand day of the Jade State of Yong Ping and how the determination of the people are as he mumbles. "You are now greater than from the first day we met..." He said it with a grin then after he's chuckling with happiness.
  2. Minecraft Username: Jayizz Character Name: Sin Kattiya Character Age: 23 Citizenship: Already applied Regiment Request: Bushi Reason for application: "To protect this beautiful city and the people of Yong Pong."
  3. tanlitary


    Yak : The Unknow Cave Yak is an Uruk, birthday and born are unknown. He looks around 32-37 years old, 7.3 ft, 457 lbs. He woke up in unknown cave and he’s only one who wakes up and left from the cave first, he began to find some logs some stones to make his small camp to stay in and wait for another orcs woke up for like 1-2 years and finally another orc woke up and talks to Yak about this unknown cave and Yak couldn’t answer her any questions. Yak and his friend trys to survive day by day. Yak always craft new club and axe also pickaxe too but his friend is great at farming, hunting, gathe
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