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  1. Orcs not starting a war while elves are?!?! What backwards logic is this? Orcs need to play their racial properly here. :33333333333333333 Now get out there and make us proud guys. <3
  2. I originally wanted to make a Stork Mani specifically for this purpose... But we don't need to bloat the Mani even further, and I didn't have the energy to pump out that much lore. Wi’wun-Prince of Cranes :3
  3. Would previous chi users have an option to be grandfathered in or is this considered a new separate thing?
  4. Giving away our secrets I see... *Starts to get annoyed*
  5. The quiet whispers of the eternal night ushered in a moment of silence before a ripple would cascade across the emerald veil. It's dawning catching the attention of one forever observing the guardians of this enchanted realm. Curiosity gleamed from the starlite glow of the Druidess's eyes before her form vanished quickly. The sight of the new arrival would be filled with familiar faces. Though a presence would hover nearby upon one of the branches in the form of an ivory owl whose feathers shimmered in veridian mist.
  6. Fleeing upon the gentle breeze would the whispers of Sunlord call to the old Lioness. The warmth of his embrace engulfing the once Keeper of Guardianship, causing a release of breath as she allows the mists ignite her being. For a moment, the old ember would spark to life, creating the youthful determination and resolve she once had in the old days. Yet alas, it then proceeded to fate. A faint smirk followed before the ivory haired paladin would continue on her way. "Perhaps, my Lord....Perhaps.." she mutters to herself.
  7. The Final Sunset [PK Post] “Brother..You tell me to be strong and push to overcome my suffering..I say to you that I have been and never gave up trying..” Lioness Druid to Tristin Tresery The grassy plains of the savannah gently swayed from the warm breeze that washed over the area. A group of antelope hopped off in the distance. a lion alpha could be heard in the near distance, roaring at a rival or rallying its pride. It felt so surreal and calm, this most appropriate and sublime of paradises. Andria stood upon the hilltop, looking out onto the dry, sunlit flats as the shimmering final rays of light collapsed into a prismatic sea of yellows, oranges, and reds. Majestic, black silhouettes decorated the nigh on endless expanse. Acacia trees, bathed in rich twilight. Light and dark intertwined. The calm frolicking of naive prey while their dastardly predators lurked in the dark alcoves nearby. This place was her haven. It was her sanctuary, her lineage and her terror. The Lioness Druid stood there on top of that solitary hill, staring off in the limitless distance. But this idyllic realm, in all its savagery and its beauty, was different. She felt that in her soul and knew it in her bones. A familiar, dreadful feeling clawed at her mind. The very same she had felt before her first death. Those eras of limbo before being grasped and thrown into her, inescapable invisible cage. That nightmare was ended, it had ended long ago. And yet even still, her head could not help but turn to see if the same horror waited to claim her. No horror. No dire fang, no grim claw. But not nothing. A tall male ‘ame stood proud where the unknown horror might’ve been. Icy eyes, familiar and warm, met her gold. His body was void of all scarring that he had received in life and covered by the traditional clothing he wore long ago. “I knew, of all the places, you would find yourself here.” His voice spoke, tranquil and yet, oddly satisfied. Avius Csarathaire’s hand stretched forth, offering his right arm, marked by blazing ilmyumier marking along its entire length, to her. Andria paused at the sight, unable to believe what at first her eyes declared were true. Her gaze then quickly moves to study the surroundings for a trick or illusion of some kind yet none would be found. “It’s gone..” She said. The soul of the Tresery released a sigh of relief before stepping forth to embrace the Csarathaire tightly. “It is over.” He whispered to her, holding her form for some time before the pair sat down on the grasses looking out onto the ethereal sunset. “You are such an *******.” Andria huffed, having her head rest upon his shoulder while his arm was wrapped around her torso from behind. “I know.” He replied, smirk growing at the nickname before it faded somewhat. “How did it happen?” Andria would huff at that before replying. “I-...Hm..I don’t know. But it felt…peaceful.” She says before looking at the empty spot on her other side. “Artanis must be pissed at us.” Avius chuckled at that. “Good.” Memories filled Andria’s mind as her life moved across her vision. The teachings of Kairn and Awaiti showing her a path isn’t defined and set in stone. Mik and Layla guiding her to become a Druid and Priestess. Lyemar aiding her when Irrinor fell upon her shoulders. Amaryllis and her younger self having the literal weight of a nation at their feet and forced to deal with it at such a young age. The two grew close that allowed Andria to act like a mischievous girl that enjoyed the company of one her age. The images went further ahead, meeting Viper and those of the Father Circle who took her in and understood her path. Nivndil a soothing voice when she needed guidance. Evar’tir there by her side when she was alone. Kalius…Tristin…her family that helped her stand proud and strong. Miven then came into view. Young, bright, unburdened with the duties that laid in her future. The fate of two intertwined together as she helped her Sister towards what is known as the Vale today. Eir’thall a brother next to her. Few words were spoken between them yet they were alike in many ways. Asger, Laedrad..students she called them. Her distance kept yet at the same time, always watching. Wanting to express more yet never did. She gave her trust and love even as her words were harsh and uncaring. Still there were many more. Tailesin, Hareven, Sonna, Nenar, Neia, Eryn the list goes on…All of them appear in her mind’s eye before it would finally vanish. The burdens that shackled her down are now broken. Her nightmare had finally ended. She was free… Andria peered back at Avius for a moment before looking out onto the darkening vista, and looked forward to a second adventure. Art commission created by: Aerthieldraws on Fiverr Proof-Reading and Grammar Nazi: iMattyz
  8. 'No one knows who died?' The Lioness thought that was odd considering the battle that had just occurred. The lack of answers troubling several in the Vale that felt the disturbance. ' Are they someone barely known?' Still she found it odd that the Druii seem to swarm around a fallen Druidess barely clinging to life. Yet even more so, what Bluejay had asked her to do. At first, she just followed given it was an unknown process to her yet as she stood there on the steps from the courtyard below to stare down at the dying Sister, her body tensed. 'No...no..NO!!! SHUT UP!!!' Images flash within her minds eye and she then flat refused to aid. The anger was bubbling up again. The ire of being trapped struggling to release as she internally struggled to watch the process unfold. Hareven's gesture first to his axe causes her own to instinctively reply yet the duo would never exchange blows given the gift of a former cleric's words and a Keeper's presence that seem to let the logic and reasoning weep down into the Treelord's core. Even as others would command her to leave or ask too, there she stood next to this individual that managed to sooth her to some degree. Even her body wouldn't move as if there was a hidden Duty here to watch over her brethren. A Duty she refused to abandoned... "I'm sorry, it was Avius.." The words that left Miven's mate as they stood in the clinic thereafter at first didn't register. The Bear and Lioness both just standing there stunned at Eonan's words at the unknown Druid that fell earlier in the eve. "Where." Andria would enquire. Disbelief filling her being yet it was felt prior before. There was no other and he had yet to return. "Ontop of that hill, we can g-..." The words would fade off into the background as the Bear and her mate spoke. A deep, sharp pain would pulse from the Treelord's core. Crack! ....... '...Its starting.But it can't be here...' The Lioness left without a word as flashes of crimson clouded her gaze. Her quick departure from the Vale would leave her dear friend to follow. 'Please don't! Stay away. I don't want to kill you!!!!' Andria's mind were screaming out as her once beautiful cinnamon flesh had darkened to an ashen hue. Its smooth texture turned into a bark like texture as she was unravelling. The forest itself took the full force of the Treelord's release, causing the animals to run in fear while the melodies of nature dropped into a deathly silence. "I will not leave you!!" Miven's voice cried out, but anything further would have fade away. The Lioness had lost the one that was going to save her. To free her from her eternal torment and now...nothing mattered anymore. That realization would then hit her hard as the Treelord's maw would spread wide to unleash an ear-piercing shriek that had the unbridled fury and wrath of nature itself come crashing down upon the Forest. The very flora violently lashing out as the Druidess's soul laid bare. Her dear friend could only watch in horror at seeing the state of her Sister and quickly she ran to gather her weapon. Upon the return of the Bear Druid would she find the Lioness standing there silently. The side of Andria's right a sickening bark like creature akin to a treant with branches and leaves sprouted in a crude manner. "Lioness, fight me!!" Miven cried out. 'She isn't ready...she'll die...' The Treelord's thoughts whispered now yet the husk accepted the challenge upon the first attack of the Bear. And thus, the duo clashed. Blade to Blade. Spear to Axe. The two fought as wild beasts in the darkness of the night while Miven's mate and another stood by and watched in horror. The grieving creature held pause to the friend that tried to give her peace. Yet the death of Avius Csarathaire gave the Treelord no meaning anymore. 'Release me!!' 'Let me out!!' Over and over again her screams rang out but no one heard her. No one ever did. The words certainly never would come out. At the end, the Lioness's soul wanted to hug her Sister yet instead the Husk drew the axe to strike Miven repeatedly while the Bruin's spear pierces Andria's torso. 'Please don't die too..I-...I can't...' The other individual known as Raja and Eonan closed in to save the Bear. With the mace flying in to strike against Andria's head, the Treelord's husk burst into a flurry of leaves that nestled down upon the bloodied bruin. 'Don't die Sister...please...no one can save me...my phoenix...I'm...scared..' And there she was again. In her invisible cage. The images of her death and life thereafter repeating over and over as she clawed for escape. Only this time, the phoenix wouldn't be there to wait for her return...
  9. Standing silently above the small settlement of the Vale, a figure armored in crimson would stare upon the self-proclaimed Lion that dared declare so boldly a title she had held time and time again. A bemused smirk would form upon the Treelord's lips. The Lioness finding herself still watching over the cub that she taught. "Self-discovery, Lion. Now stand proud and strong." The Elder Tresery would murmur. The faintly crimson glow between the slits of the helm would flash a darker hue for all but a moment, before it fades back to its original state. With that, the armored figure releases an irritated growl before stepping back and vanishing into the shadows of the canopy.
  10. This letter and those prior will be sent to the both parties as well as the High Prince and Elvenesse Council. I will officially state here that my opinions and my actions were done by me as an individual, not enacting the main viewpoint of the Father Circle. The only official statements ever to be acknowledged that reflect the Father Circle’s views will have ALL Raitheans signatures on it. Skana ap Tahorran, When these letters were first sent to me, I had figured the boy that so boldly claimed and challenged an Ancient Druid Elder like a man, despite everyone there numerously telling him to cease, would rise up proudly to his opponent accepting it. Now I see the pride and strength that was once held removed and replaced with arrogant cowardice because of being safely tucked away in his home. Your words weaving lies and slander that all of us there started this and only NOW do you try to invoke Elvenesse Laws to bring the city into YOUR situation upon which you started? The fact that you are related to Laetranis explains much of your behavior and the utter lack of respect you truly have against anything you involve yourself and the Nation that you reside in. You are banking upon your youth to sway the hearts of even the authority figures and tell your slanderous lies that you didn't do anything to invoke this. That you were silenced because of what you spoke of. No. Everyone there was told this was to be a peaceful Moot of the Ichorian Creed. It was moved to the wilderness out of respect for the grounds of the Circle I watch over and to not clutter the city’s square. It was stated there that if one wished to speak, they needed to raise their hand. Something that even the High Prince of the Elvenesse knows because of the chaotic mess Druidic Moots can be. At first, you did this. A respectful gesture from an outsider thinking upon joining. We heard your concerns and your questions. It was answered in turn. Yet when the Viper Druid did the same. When he respectfully raised his hand and spoke of what he wanted to do, you suddenly went off out of line. And kept doing it. Ti, we are more than aware of what Viper spoke of. Of wanting to deal with corrupted Mani in his own way. Of course it collided with others beliefs, including your own. However, That is a belief. A viewpoint that not everyone shares. Nor does everyone share your sole belief in worshipping the Nemglan, the Spirit of the Thunderbird. You want to step upon the path of Druidism and thus you got a taste of it. Because it isn’t a singular belief or viewpoint that everyone follows. Every Circle has their own paths. Every group follows their own ways and/or creeds. Despite of course the clash that could occur upon what Taeral had stated, all there that stood knew of this yet spoke respectfully in return. Even he asked if this would be issues with several. And it was answered it would be to some groups, yet not to others. YOU were the one that broke this respect and peace. YOU went off like a raging child instead of voicing your concerns like everyone else there. YOU were told numerous times to cease this and instead, raise your hand. You didn’t and continued your disrespect and insults towards the peace of the Moot stated at the beginning. The absolutely disgusting part about this whole thing is now backing away from the very thing you were so adamant about. You refused to leave that moot and fought against those trying to remove you. You sat there insistently defiant and wanted to continue your wrath. And thus everyone heard it. You then decide to challenge the Viper Druid. Despite my, HIS, and everyone else’s warnings there that he would flat kill you instead of sparring, you wanted to continue it. His patience held far more than my own, trying to avoid bloodshed on a clearly untrained youth. Yet you did not care. When you pulled out your weapon and held it ready to fight, you were then considered a threat. You pursued your endeavor and redirected your ire towards Quillian and directly challenged her. You ignored all the warnings thus far of what could happen. And again, you continued. If my ire over the fact that you weren’t handled and dealt with by then along with invoking the utter wrath of the Viper Druid over your constant pestering of him to engage in a fight, a corpse would’ve been taken back to your Tribe instead of a pathetic whelp with a now missing eye. I struck you down with the intent to invoke my statement earlier towards you. My actions sacrificed honor to save your pathetic life. A gesture I will not make again due to your inability to stand firm and accept what you so stubbornly wanted to do. If you want to pursue the law of this nation, I suggest you start with yourself and the attempted assault upon a peaceful gathering and your utter failure to cease your transgressions even as others had to subdue you. You want to try and invoke the punishment clause? You stood at a Druidic Moot, a gathering of Druids, and ignored the blatant warnings we stated to you with the rules and ways that were told of what could happen. Like Laetranis had to learn prior before, you did so tonight with your own arrogance. I don’t personally care if you decide to go through with this challenge or not. For this decision falls solely on you and your actions will have consequences. If you dare come at any member or I again, we will take you down. If you want to play victim and hide in your boat upon the sea, do so in your shame and cowardice. You wish to follow the path of the Wilds? You WILL learn then how your words and actions carry upon your journey. Nature is not kind when you invoke its wrath. Neither are we. Signed, Andria Tresery, The Lioness Druid
  11. okay im warclaiming the elvenesse myself now
  12. As the missive reached the Lioness that dwelled within the Father Grove, the words spoken upon the parchment released a sudden burst of primal druidic energies that was held inside the Druidess. The darkened sanguine glow reflected within the golden irises in a swirling mix of anger, hatred, and the feeling of solace towards her old mentor. A deep breath would then release from her lips, quelling some of the rage within as she then proceeds to step foot outside the city and into the Wilds for some time. "Ellaurir ay'Ame, kae Mahae nae sanere. Cerun okansaen'ehya ito heya'leh myumin, kaean nae'leh Sirame ahern'onn adonterae, iyul kaean hiylun myumierae. Marhiylun maehae'onn, nae'leh iheiuhii il'kae ahera." The Tresery would murmur in prayer.
  13. Upon stepping within the inner city area of the Elvenesse, the female 'ame would casually step into the library area where the small tome would catch her eye. With a grasp of her hand, she would then lift it up to proceed reading the contents until finally taking a deep exhale of breath. "Much of this I share with you, Brother. I and several others witnessed first hand of the vile deeds of those races. Yet still...even with these laws in place, its somehow still allowed to have this occur. Soon half breeds will run amuck because of this lax in judgement while our own get raided, hunted, ears removed, and harassed." she bluntly stated, moving to place the tome back where it was found. "The only disagreement I have is the breaking of bones of an Acolyte for a trial. It simply is a matter of medical knowledge. Bones aren't easy to fix and can permanently cripple a warrior." She then would give a shrug before stepping out of the building to continue on her way.
  14. I get what this lore is meant to do but at the same time, I find this taking something that anyone/group can RP and/or provide approved events for and restricting it down to these specific magics. It's rather odd to me really reading this though it definitely is an interesting take on prophecies . The iffy part for me however is the allowing of character information easily gained from this. (even with OOC consent).
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