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    Damn if only we had a team that could do this. Oh wait, GM team. Is that you?
  2. @Amayonnaise I want to note that actually I had one of the manastones (crystal thingies) which the paladin lefkos allowed me to take and hold onto for awhile. When it was time to gather the three, my char gave it to nivndil to whom she trusted. And other nations were actually involved for a bit but they rply dropped out which that was their choice. The reason why you saw more druids is because they never gave up. Paladins too and other groups. I will say however that I agree with part of your statement as being one of Irrinor myself. Most information regarding events seemed like it was more catered to certain groups and trying to follow along or even get any information/warning to go do stuff was pretty much non-existent to a certain point. Which kinda killed my mood to continue or really know what was going on unless told offhandedly. As for the past events, I don't think that's the druids fault or any group's fault really. Because it was different ET doing it and the druid group(for example) just happened to respond.
  3. The citation link is under review, not accepted. This isn't really culture at all with you have these differences plus this. “original” undead Rh’thoraen unless the character is raised as an undead, such as a Ghost or Darkstalker (with permission from the Story Team in their CA). This is more a race that needs to be accepted first.
  4. Blessed Be. thanks for the update Matty
  5. Remove the Dragur Library and make those that run it have to deal with what all other groups have to deal with in regards to getting areas to build and manage. The fact it's still there at all when it's been already used to hide certain groups because previous owners happened to be staff is truly beyond me. It doesn't even hold correct information regarding lore and magic. Just IC books of a Char's perspective which more often than not, doesn't really follow the lore. Which adds on to confusing new players.
  6. “ Marhiylun maehae'onn, nae'leh iheiuhii il'kae ahera." The Lioness of Tresery would speak. Her spear would rise in response to Lyemar’s gesture as she would then slam hers down in turn. The Challenge now ended.
  7. As the Lioness would stand there and listen silently to all those around, her facial features would soften some at Lyemar’s words. The elfess remaining quiet even afterwards as she seems to think upon the words spoken. It was then eventually her spear would raise then slam down several times to motion for silence with the others so that she may speak. “It is rare for me to really back down from my own stance, but for this. I concede. Ti, you are right and as frustrating as it is, that is the reality of my situation no matter how much I want it differently. The Challenge for me claiming High Priest for now will be taken back and I will agree to your compromise. However, I still stand by those next to me right now on how improper this was done.” The elfess would state, sighing some for a moment then continues. ”You only see and lead one path. Whereas one such as I have walked many. Even with my achievements, one individual cannot see everything. If I am to agree with the changes that has been done and become High Priest upon my attunement, then I should see upon the plans and aid in contributing to them otherwise, as you say, I will be walking blindly into it.” She would then pause for a moment then continue. ”As well, I want Eryn’s banishment removed and removal of citizenship restored. What you do in your Seed is your business and I have no intention of even arguing that. The removal of him from Archdruid is something I agree with as well, but he in the end is still a Brother. I do not want us beginning this new era of El’Narnesa’ame this way. Ti, you and him clashed and fought. That happens and words were said that hurt both sides. But still, we shouldn’t let that control us into rash actions. Even if the other side was wrong too.” The Elfess would then finish.
  8. The Elfess waits for him to finish before she states a response in turn. “If this was a normal circle run by the traditions of Mother, then you would be correct that I would have no right to claim such a position. However, this is El’Narnesa’ame. I broke the barriers long ago on requiring ‘the gift’ when I declared and was acknowledged a full Priestess of the Wild Faith. You even saw it yourself of how close I was of becoming an Archdruid, even if it was me asking questions instead of placing myself as such. To which, I now somewhat regret given the state it has fallen towards.” The Elfess would say, seeming to fall silent as she ponders upon his words before she spoke once more. ”Your compromise shows the hesitation of what is truly seen in your eyes on why you are holding me back. Tell me here and now then, High Prince. Tell me why the ‘gift’ is needed so much so that its such a hindrance to me and a requirement needed to fullfill this role? I have walked and done what the High Priest has done before. I spread the faith, I can guides others, I can perform the sermons, rituals, and ceremonies. I aid nature and know when its in pain even though I do not hear it as you and the other druids. I fight off threats and push forward for our culture and history to survive. So tell me what makes ‘the gift’ hinder me from gaining this position? My decision on dropping this Challenge and accepting this compromise will fall upon your answer. Not of the mere offer of a title.” Andria would state in return.
  9. The Lioness stood there in silence as the High Prince would make his response in turn, keeping her stance firm until he was finished before her lips would part to speak. “I know of who supports your decision and has signed their loyalty to such. I’m aware of my own cousin’s stance because he of course, is a dedicant of your own. Even with those of Caerme’onn Seed such as Allora agreeing with it, they however do not speak for me nor of what I feel regarding this. The names I’ve spoken are indeed not of Irrinor nor did I state they ever were or still are. They are Druii much like yourself that I have met along my journey that have different viewpoints within Druidism itself and thus why I stated so.” The elfess would pause for a moment to gather her breath then continues on. ”I do stand by my statement of you not knowing and your response tells me you misunderstand my words. It is not that you are incapable of the burden you take on, it is the blindness you are placing upon yourself for what it truly will be called upon you. You are our High Prince. Your duties are vast and wide. Your time is spent leading this nation and its Council. You have a duty to the Ame’ikurn as its Leader, being one that shepherds those towards the Emerald Way. You have only shown one side. One Way. One Creed. Whereas I have studied and walked the path of several. Your time where you would NEED to be placed among our people, both old and new, would be strained. Your responsibilities as performing rites, ceremonies, being there and head for ALL sides of the religions here as well as the ‘ame people would be to much.” Andria would take some time to pause again before continuing on. ”I know I do not bare the gift as of yet. I’m not blind to such a stigma and I fought against it during my dedicancy. A gift is just that, a gift. It hasn’t slowed me down nor make me any less of what a druid should be and should be doing. Whether it be for our people or for that of nature itself. I right now, have the time and bear no burdens to carry on the duties of this position. You unfortunately have to much and would be even more of a not only a target but a great lost should anything come to harm you. It would be our High Prince, Leader of the Ame’ikurn, and High Priest vacant and gone should you fall.” The elfess would then finish and allow the High Prince to reply.
  10. Challenge of the Lioness 1st of The Grand Harvest, 1745 The sun slowly rose in the distance as morning light would cascade across the gates of the mali’ame city, stretching higher and higher until it washes over the top of each plateau. As it would cast upon the connecting bridge that leads to the Aureon Plateau, an armored figure would be seen reaching the edge to step down on the cobblestone path. A chilling breeze would rustle the various trees and grass while the elfess passed by, causing her crimson colored cloak of a Sanguine Hunter to flutter about behind her person. Upon reaching the front of the Aureon Manor, Andria would grasp ahold of Mahae’leh Riv, a spear crafted of her own design with markings along the shaft telling the story of the Tresery Seed and at the top resting a ferrum spearhead. It was then that she would rise it high then with a quick stroke, slams the bottom of it firmly upon the ground while her maw would then part to speak. The elfess’ s voice heard booming out in a determined and commanding tone. “Lyemar Aureon, High Prince of Irrinor, Head Druid of the Ame’ikurn, The Emerald Prince, and Blessed Descendant of Elenwe, As a Priestess of El’Narnesa’ame, Lion of Tresery, Bearer of the Mark of Emerald, and a Hunter of the Sanguine Fire Creed, I call upon and challenge you for the position of High Priest.” The Elfess would then pause before continuing on with her speech. “We both care deeply for our people. We both walk the path of the Aspects and Demi-Gods of the Wilds. I hold respect for what you have done thus far as High Chieftain as we have moved onward even in our darkest hours. Yet as well, I will not stand idly by and blindly allow this to continue. You take on a weight now that I know you have no idea how much of a responsibility it truly is. How much Brother Hawk had to endure and lift up just with this position alone so our people’s culture and way of life can continue. You called upon at first meeting because of the stagnation of the religion as of late. The war and the rebuilding having swallowed many of us into trying to push on and create a better life. A stagnation that we ALL agree upon that must be changed and yet, many voices were lost. Those that could’ve help, stand up, and take on the mantle removed as you put yourself as a placeholder.” The Elfess pauses once again, taking in a breath before she states her conclusion. “It is why I stand here now. My voice will be heard. I know the Ways of Emerald. I walk the path of Sanguine. I studied that of Ichor and heard the voices of Sage. I listened to the wisdom of Awaiti, Kairn, Nivndil, and many others along my journey to understand the various different viewpoints of Druidism. I was taught by Priestess Layla Arvellon of what it means to be a Priest. I travel the druidic path under the guidance of the Autumn Prince Miklaeil Arvellon. I’ve gained the position of Priestess of Mahae even when the odds were against me. I know of the rituals, ceremonies, rites, and prayers of the Aspects, Mani, and culture of the ‘ame as well as performed such multiple times before. I have the means of upholding this position and so I stand here and seek to claim it.” It is with that that the Elfess would lift her spear up some once again before firmly slamming it down upon the solid stone beneath her feet, ending her statement as she waits for the High Prince to reveal himself and respond. ((OOC: This was made given the server is quite frankly being lame and half the time, DCing people or not allowing them to get on. This can continue IG should @Kaelanwish, but I will state that this is by location within Irrinor and who would be normally in the area at the time of when this happened. Only those who would be realistically around may comment on this post. The rest will be taken down/hidden.
  11. The announcement is seen and in response, the young Lioness of Tresery would take her quill and write out a response to such a declaration to the High Prince. Brother Red Panda Lyemar Aureon, I understand and seen what you speak of in the recent years regarding the duties and absence there of with our High Priest having vanished. Though I see the call of change and agree that there must be like others have wished, I however and respectfully do not agree with what has been done here. From those before me who spoke of the naelurir and what we should do, have done, and our ways, the voice of all druids and dedicants should be heard regarding the direction of our blessed culture and path. Not the private meeting of so few. You called upon us to do a public meeting yet it was cancelled and instead this was made. I, being Priestess of Mahae, will have to decline and not acknowledge your position until a proper call is made for all to voice their opinions on the matter and how to move forward. May the Wild Gods bless your steps and Mahae give you strength. Sincerely, Andria Tresery, Priestess of Mahae
  12. Asura was brought to a conclusion years ago. I'm not sure why it's brought up again trying to kill off something already gone.
  13. The library was player run for quite a few maps, regardless if said owner was a staff member or not. They were forced to make it in the outside world away from CT because it was a player made thing. There was quite an uproar over this at CT this map because not only is this group( and a few dark arts groups that had access to the restricted sections) could not be raided upon, they had the full CT protection that came with it. This also didn't help with new players because they don't know that all of those books are IC perspective, not Lore accurate. Some books written magic wise are flat wrong with explanation and causes confusion regarding it.
  14. While I get it's been around for a long time, that still doesn't really mean much regarding the lore games unfortunately. I'm going to have to agree with some of Amayo's points on it. The acid itself and how it works I really just don't see it passing given the near instantaneous effects it has and how it pretty much is used. It's not really so much a personal hit at the high elves here, I just flat wouldn't agree with any group having this kinda thing. Then I do have a question regarding why high elf blood differs from the rest and most notably, would this even be able to be crafted and used outside of the high elves? I ask this part because there's a specific lore rule that you can't race lock anything.
  15. It's the first redline under General Redlines/Restrictions.
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