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    Pearse is one of the few adults in Arcas who was actually born in it. Son of a poor mother and an unknown father, he was brought to the continent as an unborn baby on a migrant boat. In a quest for hope of giving her baby a better chance in life than she had for her own, Pearse’s mother, a peasant woman named Clara, had left all her past life behind to work as a farmer on a small migrant settlement, whose settlers were promised a great life on the rich unexplored lands of Arcas. As always, settling was not as easy as they expected, and with new land came new perils, pestilence and disease. Clara fell to poor health and sickness before knowing the fate she set her own son up to. Pearse was only 6 when he was made an orphan, meaning he was raised by priests in Reza and received little, if any, attention to his needs other than basic shelter and food. He befriended the other few orphan boys, with whom he’d spend evenings fooling around with. Pearse’s friends always remarked that had him been born a Noble, he’d be a great knight. He was quickly growing into a strong, good looking young man, who carried in his heart the same blind bravery that took many knights to their graves before him. He had a taste for justice and was a natural leader, able to gather his peers and lead them into the kind of mischief young men are known for. Still, destiny had it for him to be a Rogue. He never carried an ill intent, but would often be seen as a wrongdoer by many because his sense of justice wouldn’t always align with the law. Still, he’d never fail to stand up to what he believed was right. His friends used to call him “Shortwing” because the speed in which he would run into crowds of people to avoid the town guards resembled a small bird flying through a forest. He never had a real surname, due to being a lowborn with no lineage. The attrition between Pearse and the law shaped him into a natural rebel. He would often defy authority just for the sake of it, which would cost him a lot. He spent many nights camping in the woods to avoid being caught by guards for his small acts of rebel demeanor. He resented the nobility, feeling that the common law served to protect their interests more than the people’s. He lusted for power, naively believing he wouldn’t be corrupted like the many before him. Although raised by priests of the canon and calling himself one, Pearse was never a firm believer. Whether this is just his truthful opinion or a way for him to tell himself he’ll never face any consequences for preferring to act on reason alone remains a mystety. Pearse left Reza for good at the age of 17, partly due to wanderlust, and partly due to desire to make a new life for himself and leave his old impression of a Rogue in the past. He lived his years since taking on small jobs, frequently moving, doing whatever he could to survive. Now, at age 20, he’s decided he won’t waste any more of his life doing small tasks and living from day to day. Pearse sets out to find an opportunity to make his name known in Arcas. Wether he’ll be remembered as a good or bad man remains to be seen. Interesting Facts: - Pearse seems to have exceptional genetics. He’s fit and nimble, and would make a great warrior if he got the necessary training. He’s also got an above average intelligence, but that’s gone to waste since he’s never had any education. - He’s braver than he should be. This backfires more often than not, since he’s very likely to take on fights he can’t win. - He can’t read, and doesn’t know proper manners. He’s not as articulate and can’t speak in the flowery manner of most educated Heartlanders, making him seem rude most of the time. - He’s rather uncooperative by nature, making him a hard person to employ and even befriend. He is, however, an extremely loyal companion to those he believes to be good in their heart.
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