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  1. reserved(to be clear i do not intend to do anything with this and will never update my comment)
  2. Jeb, now long retired, thinks back on his days of slaying bandit fiends with glee.
  3. Full name: Dilbert Strobl Age: 18 Experience: Poor infantry Ethnicity: Waldenian/mixed [OOC] Username: Mikerino [OOC] Discord: Mikerino#6164
  4. It was the 12th of Snow’s Maiden 1766, on a cold, snowy winter’s eve when most imperial men would be with their families and loved ones, flocked together in their fire-lit homes. The soldiers of the Hound and the bannermen of the house Ludovar were not ordinary men. As the night wore on, huddled forms of cloak-swathed men could be seen crossing the blighted tundra near where Curon had once stood, silhouetted by the occasional lantern that dotted imperial roads. It had been but mere hours since word had reached Johnstown, tales that told of many Nordling bandits- most on horseback- coldly robbi
  5. It was late afternoon when word reached Johnstown of bandits on Imperial roads; of Nordling men robbing and killing any unfortunate traveler who happened upon them, no matter if they were man, woman, or child. Reynault swiftly rallied the Hound men, and within minutes they were in full battle rattle, marching for Helena! On the way they were reinforced by Fredrick Ludovar himself, accompanied by his gentry retinue of bannermen who briskly fell into the moving column. Together, the combined force made their way to Helena. As they passed Rubern and rounded the hedgerow littered bend,
  6. It was a quiet afternoon. The holy men of the Hounds had been tired from their many patrols of the roads. To the weary traveler upon the road, they gave bottles of water and freshly baked bread. To those baneful bandits, they offered no quarter... The afternoon remained uneventful as the merry men walked down the road from Haense to Rubern. Jean began to whistle a light tune as the men began to sing along in praise to the one true Almighty: “O splendor of God’s glory bright, Who bringest forth the light from Light; O Light of light, light’s Fountain-spring; O Day, our day
  7. Why do you think Ggt still has not been unbanned?
  8. Evidence? None was provided in the convo. This is a recurring issue on staff’s part.
  9. +1 Staff behavior like this is the only thing that has ever truly prevented me from enjoying the server, the fact that staff are allowed to participate in conflict and simultaneously provide rulings to ban players on opposing factions eternally baffles me. The absolute pre-disposed vitriol the Admin approached you with is disgusting. This is especially disconcerting because you, Swifty_Sam, were a new player on LOTC (and still are just a month or so new as of this post). Edit: Additionally, the fact that an appeal must wait to be submitted many weeks after a potentia
  10. “They told me they were eighteen, I swear.” says Ser Feathers.
  11. “I can’t believe they freed the prisoner!!!” remarks Ser Feathers. “We will get them next time!!!”
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