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  1. “GOD wills it!” shouts Augustus.
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    Augustus’ grandfather served Augustus d'Amaury under the Lorraines. Augustus’ grandfather used to tell him stories about how he served in the Haensetic footman in the Orenian civil war. Augustus’ grandfather died before the war ended, but not before teaching him some of what he’d learned as a footman(albeit the little he could do given his age). In the interim between his grandfather’s death, Augustus took up farming. One bad harvest, however, left Augustus looking for work to make up for the loss. So, Augustus went to Ves to find work. In Ves, Augustus met a group of soldiers who claimed to have heritage from Lorraine. Since Augustus also had Lothranian blood, and was proud of his heritage because of the values his grandfather instilled in him, he decided to join them.
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