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    I was born in Oyashima, my parents had me simply for pleasure purposes. My father had left me all to my mother who simply didn’t want me. She decided to get married when I was seven to support me and herself, my step-father who seemed nice at first turned out to be completely abusive to both me and my mother. When I was 12 he got arrested for stealing from a noble, my mother was accused of being a part of his robbery. However I saw the entire situation unfold outside of my house, so I was able to escape before they could drag me into their problems. I had spent the next 4 years learning how to steal from others, pick pocket, and compensate for my weakness. At the age of sixteen I was jailed for being caught stealing some food and was sentenced there for the next 2 years. I’ve spent this last year going around different places and trying to find a good place to call home.
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