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    Murdoch was born in 1672 in the Kingdom of Gladewynn. About his parents, they were stubborn people with the goal of being the best of the whole Kingdom excluding the Royal Family. They were in The Clan Moot and supplied others with all types of laborers. They always went outside leaving Murdoch alone. Always thinking better of them selfs and getting to arguments with the folk every single time. Leading them to be disliked from the whole Kingdom. Before being hated on by all the town’s folk, Murdoch was a plain normal child, playing around with his friends and acting when he can. But he was disliked though for being extremely nice, too nice that fact that it led to him being bullied every so often. It still did not get to his happy smile. After a couple of days, his parents had an extreme argument with one of the Royal Family leading them to be thrown and frowned at. The bullying got so worse that Murdoch went from a happy child to never wanting to go outside unless walking to his friend’s house, while walking to one of his friend's cottages in the woods wearing a black cape around his body. He was grabbed by around a man’s arm and stolen from sight. After a while, the man stopped at a cavern with a wooden gate blocking it and a sign reading ontop saying the words... “The Wandering Thiefs”, he was lead inside... And so on and forth he found his new home. He was taught how to pickpocket and trained to be a mediocre thief, and so he did. He was a pretty quick learner and got the basics after 2 weeks of the men telling him all about the bad, hurtful and gory things his parents do to his kind in the Kingdom. He was asked 2 months later if he wanted to stay at the cave or go back home with his family. He had a much different attitude when the man took him from the woods. He did not really care about others anymore that aren’t his occupation or similar, he got a subtle bad attitude with his mediocre niceness and became a simple thief. His answer was final. He said yes. Now at the age of 46, the man who once took him to the cave was dead, his parents were executed and no longer remembered, he only had one final home now. Once at his bed, he was told to go to the main hall of the lair. When he got there, everyone from the guild was there standing still. He looked at the man announcing that the Guild would dispart since the leaders passing 2 months ago. When he heard that he went frozen. He stood still while everyone was chatting with one another. The only home he had left was being destroyed into nothingness. After a month has passed he had all his things packed and ready to go. Everyone was gone, when he was hauling out the door with a lonesome heart he was stopped by the man who announced the dispart of the guild, he pats Murdoch on the back saying... “It isn’t all that bad, at least you’re free now to do what you wish with the skills you were taught.” He stopped and went out of the door. So did Murdoch. Now as the age of 52, Murdoch was living in tavern freeloading off of the owner, not paying his debt of protection from rival gangs after him. 3 large orcs holding blunts and swords burst through the door. He was beaten. Robbed and thrown out of the small town. He had nothing and nothing to own with only the ripped and broken clothes on his back.
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