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  1. Dirami


    I think I made the right changes now
  2. Dirami


    I made the changes to my application. My character now is wearing the female farfolk clothing (in a different color scheme) and I have updated my backstory with lore about the Holy Oren Empire and its cities. My explanation on power and meta gaming also has more detail.
  3. Dirami


    Ayria was born in a small village on the outskirts of the highlands. Her mother was an Adunian with fair skin and long black hair, and her father was a Highlander who stood six foot five inches tall with auburn hair and a grizzled beard. He lived in Helena (of the Holy Oren Empire) for most of his life, but he decided to leave and travel far away in search of a more peaceful way of living, away from violence in the city. On this journey is where he met his wife. Since the community they settled in was quite small, everyone was very close despite their racial and cultural differences. By the time Ayria was six and her brother seven, they were already familiar with all the villagers as if they were all family. She already knew how to cook, clean and read quite well despite her young age from her mother’s lessons. Though the one thing her mother would never let Ayria do was come to learn anything about past wars or weaponry, even though her dad was the village blacksmith. Her brother Daeryn already knew how to handle a sword, but no matter how many times Ayria would ask to learn from her dad as well, he would tell her she has no need. Eventually, she gave up and didn’t bother asking about it anymore, but deep down she still had some curiosity. Her relationship with her family and village remained close over the years which brought joy to everybody, though on one unfateful day that changed for her family. A group of bandits came into her village to steal whatever little valuables they had. Her father and Daeryn told Ayria and her mother to stay behind as they went off to fight the bandits. The rest of the village’s men gathered as well yet they were still outnumbered. It angered her how powerless she was, she wanted to protect her family and the village. As they fought, the lamps outside fell and fire quickly spread to each building. Ayria and her mother panicked and called for help as they saw bright flames engulf the walls. Daeryn heard their call for help and was able to disengage battle to rescue them. He tore the door down and used a pail of water to calm the flames, though it had little effect. With no other options, he ran through the flames quickly, burning his left leg severely. Daeryn then grabbed onto Ayria and their mother, leading them to a safer exit in another room. After he helped them escape the flames quickly spread. Unable to stand any longer, he fell down figuring it was the end until he felt somebody lift him through the door at once. It was his father. At that moment, he felt nothing but happiness seeing his family was ok, and fortunately the village was able to chase off the bandits using the fire to their advantage. On the other hand, Daeryn’s condition was critical and Ayria suffered a horrible burn to her right eye. Both parents panicked and got them to the village doctor with many others. Luckily, Ayria would be able to see out of her right eye, though a scar would remain that would never heal. As for Daeryn, his condition worsened. Even if he healed, his burns would leave him unable to walk for the rest of his life. Too much of his flesh had been damaged. A few days later at the age of 16 Daeyrn quietly passed away leaving a big impact on the family. Months went by achingly and Ayria seemed to take it the worst. It seemed things would stay like this forever until her father finally made up his mind. He would train her harder than anybody else and teach her how to use the sword so she could protect herself for the day he couldn’t be there for her. When Ayria heard this, it surprised her tremendously, but she felt like this training was something she needed to help her cope with her loss. She didn’t want anybody else to die because of her weakness. As of now, she’s 19 and is skilled in swordplay and physical combat. Although not on Nobel level, her quick thinking during fights can make up for that. She knows her skills right now aren’t enough to truly protect the people she loves, which is why she has set out to the highlands in search of more knowledge on combat and the history of the world.
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