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  1. Dirami


    I think I made the right changes now
  2. Dirami


    I made the changes to my application. My character now is wearing the female farfolk clothing (in a different color scheme) and I have updated my backstory with lore about the Holy Oren Empire and its cities. My explanation on power and meta gaming also has more detail.
  3. Dirami


    Ayria was born in a small village on the outskirts of the highlands. Her mother was an Adunian with fair skin and long black hair, and her father was a Highlander who stood six foot five inches tall with auburn hair and a grizzled beard. He lived in Helena (of the Holy Oren Empire) for most of his life, but he decided to leave and travel far away in search of a more peaceful way of living, away from violence in the city. On this journey is where he met his wife. Since the community they settled in was quite small, everyone was very close despite their racial and cultural differenc
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