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  1. Ooc] Username: SparkyWiz Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): About 3 hours almost everyday Discord: N-Vious#5616 Timezone: EST (Canada & USA) [RP] Name: Evindal Cusremu Gender: Male Place of residence: Fenn Race/Sub-race/Culture: Snow Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes
  2. Kekzo would react to the letter “No one will ever raid my caravan again...” he said as he bit into some fresh meat
  3. do you make custom weapons?
  4. Opening Segment If you have played Skyrim, you have probably heard of “Riften” the crime ridden city with an underground segment where all the shady stuff goes on. What if I told you there was an expansion mod to Skyrim called Enderal: The Forgotten Stories (I highly recommend playing it). In the main city in Enderal (Ark City) there is a huge, expansive underground area directly under the city. This is where the poor live, the criminals, the diseased and many shady characters hang around this area. There is even a whole mercenary group that exploits the poor by putting them in debt, they pretty much run the underground. Also the underground contains, pit fights, a market place, old abandoned barracks, small little communes for the homeless to put their sleeping bags and even a plague ridden room where the diseased bodies are dumped. The higher class of Ark City basically don’t let these dwellers live in the city and they send them underground. I would absolutely love to see something like this in LOTC. I want to try to make something like this or help make something like this but first of all, a city is needed for this to be able to happen. Let me know if you own a city or nation or something and would want to work with me to implement something like this, I can do most of the funding. Discord: N-Vious#5616 Things That Would Work Well: The evil player base would finally have a better rp experience amongst each other, and have some sort of hub. Beggars and homeless rpers would fit in perfectly We could add advanced systems like Fences, Evil magic teachers and so on More housing space for broke people Something for guards to do (Comment More Ideas for it!) Flaws Would require a lot of building Very Ambitious Most Cities probably dont want this type of presence under their city (Let me know more Flaws) Extra Screenshots from Enderal Let's make this happen Discord: N-Vious#5616 Also remember to drop feedback, and add flaws and things that would work well or you can help out with this potential project/concept.
  5. OOC: IGN: SparkyWiz Discord: N-Vious#5616 RP: Name: Kekzo Umresuc Race: Snow Elf Age: 22 Position Interested In: A Tailor/Skin and Clothing Maker If you were to be a merchant or artisan, will you travel in a caravan?: Yes If you were to be a merchant or artisan, would you want a shop?: Yes, I will do either. Additional Skills and Notes: I am a good skinner and have a lot of experience because I do most of the skin requests on the new player discord. Also I need somewhere to live.
  6. Name of your Charter: Blackriver Owner's Username: SparkyWiz Owner's Roleplay Name: Kekzo Umresuc Location (XYZ): X 770 Y 43 Z 720 Tier applying for: 1
  7. Made By SparkyWiz and Amber Haze “The Mark of Blackriver” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSlYVW6o-4M ^^^Use This when reading! Sets the Vibe!^^^ The boy walked alone. The only thing accompanying him was the sound of the red ball bouncing off of the trees he threw it at - its bright red color a stark contrast to the dark sky, hidden by the even darker trees and thick, pale green fog. Thump. Thump. Thump. The rhythmic sound distracted the little boy from the unknown. Until it didn't. The boy cried as it rolled away, into the thicker patches of fog. He began to run after it, when an ice cold hand clamped down on his arm. He turned to see a hooded figure, their smiling mouth being the only part of their face. "Little boy, what are you doing so far from home?" The stranger purred. "Don't you know the stories? The danger~?" The boy looked at the stranger, finding himself unable to think of a reply. Yes, he knew the stories, who didn't? But still, his ball . . . "Return home child, this way, this way." He was turned towards where he first came, and quickly skittered away. As he left, another hooded figure emerged from the smoke. "You let him get away? How surprising." They said, seeming amused. "He will return, and the regret of knowing that he could have escaped will make it all the more . . . sweet." As legends go, there is a dark presence that lurks within Blackriver swamp. Known as the Mark of Blackriver, they are hunted by many, and hunters of all. The cult is known for causing terror, insanity, and confusion wherever they go. The perfect worshipers for Vaasek, also known as 'The Dark Star', god of fear, desperation, and betrayal - everything the cult represents. The Mark has few goals, though each one is as important as oxygen is to a flame. They aim to restore The Dark Star to his former glory so he may once again leave his realm. Above all else, they crave the chaos and fear they are so well known for creating. They follow no rules but their own, and those they follow well. Anyone who dares break the rules set in place by The Council of Envy are dealt with with terrifying efficiency. In the beginning, the cult was created by those who were once betrayed, left to their desperation, to rot in their pain. It is those lost souls who first started the cult, vowing to follow the ways of Vaasek, and to spread the pain they held so close to their hearts. In more recent times, some have distanced themselves from the original goals of revenge. Most members cause havoc for the sake of it, not driven by revenge but instead blood lust, or in some cases, insanity. The cult began small, but grew rapidly, gaining the attention of others. Concern quickly turned to terror as The Mark began to grow in number and in reputation, and a team was created to attempt to fight back. After years of being driven back, the cult retreated to Blackriver swamp and from then on out, they were unheard of, finding comfort in the shadows. Though they began to fade from the public view, the legend of The Mark grew, and by no means were they forgotten. The fog was heavy, the twisted fingers of trees reaching across the walls that surrounded the fortress to brush against its pale glow. The full moon was the only light to see by, and it was all that the tall cloaked figures that crowded around the altar needed. The usual sounds of the forest were muted. Instead, there was silence. Pure, untouched, heavy silence. As the moon rose up above to align with the alter perfectly, the crowd parted to make way for a dark figure. While the figure wore a cloak like the others, the air around them was . . . different. Authoritative. "It is time my children, bring the girl." The honey sweet voice, so perfectly out of place in the shadowed swamp, betrayed the stranger as a woman. The group of robed figures in front of her obeyed her command without thought, bringing forward a human girl wrapped in a red blanket. The honey voiced woman stroked the girls face, and smiled. "Good, good. Now Clement," she nodded to another robed figure, and gestured him towards the silent human girl. "It is your time." The robed man smiled as he took the girl, and laid her upon the altar. He began to chant, ancient words directed towards the god he was taught to worship. He raised a glittering silver knife into the air, and cried, "For Vaasek!" But the knife did not fall into the girls chest. A longsword was buried into the man instead, and the honey voiced woman whispered, "Those who betray the betrayed will be betrayed in turn . . . for Vaasek indeed. " While The Mark of Blackriver is dedicated to chaos, there is order in everything, even chaos. For those in the mark, that order is established by the Council of Envy. There are only up to 5 council members at a time, and all of them go by names given when they are first appointed. Council members are not always very public figures, throughout the history of The Mark, some choose to remain unknown by everyone but the other council members. Council members are elected by other council members, whenever the previous member dies, or is voted off of the council by the others. Being removed by vote has only happened once or twice in the councils history. The Council is revered by the cult members, as they are seen as those closest to Vaasek, and are seen as the most powerful figures in The Mark. The rules enforced by the council are few, and simple, but have severe consequences. 1, Do not betray The Mark. Breaking this offence will get you an audience with the council, or if you try and flee, a kill on sight order. 2, Killing or stealing something of value from another member will get you an audience with the council. 3, When not on a long journey, members are expected to report back to The Marks tower at least once every other day. 4, What a council member says is expected to be followed. Appearance The shadowed cloaked that stalked the streets were an omen of what was to come. The cults uniform consists of a black robe that reaches down to the wearers feet, accented with red highlights. Generally the placement of the red accents can differ slightly, but maintain the same base. Those in the council have white accents along with red, and their cloaks are slightly more personalized. Last but not least, members might choose to wear a mask to conceal their identity if they wish to have a life outside of the cult. Masquerade masks are most common. Rp Behaviour If someone who isn't part of The Mark enters Mark territory, any cult members that come across them are expected to attack them on sight, or bring them in and notify a council member if they seem to be someone of possible interest. Members shouldn't just go around killing people - raids on a larger scale will be planned out and organized by the Council, and members will be notified if something is being planned. The Mark will often go out on 'hunts' together to find a good person to sacrifice, if they best the person in combat they will return to the base with them and perform a ritual. Rituals are directed by either a Mark Priest, or a member of the Council. Finally, Members of The Mark of Blackriver are allowed to have a normal life outside of being a cult member - but they are expected to always put the Mark before all else. Initiation {How to Join!} The Ceremony The ceremony is called the Foul Circle. Every time a new member joins, this ceremony must be completed. During the foul circle, all present cultists band together in the swamp and form a circle with the newcomer in the middle. The new member must have bread in their left hand and a ceremonial dagger in the other. The circle begins to chant when the moon gets to its peak and the newcomer must spill their own blood onto the bread. After this they must eat the bread. Once the bread is fully consumed, the chanting ends and the person is now a member of the Mark. OOC: Thanks so much for reading! I hope you are interested in joining! -Sparkywiz There are various different ways of joining the cult but a nearly surefire ticket into the cult is to submit an application down below in the comments, we accept any build, race or gender, pretty much anyone can join as long as they know what they are talking about. APPLICATION (Copy and paste this format and send it to me on Discord) OOC Username: Discord (example#0000): Brief Desc. of Your Characters Traits: (eg. Cunning, smart, evil, rowdy) Roleplay Name: Age: Race: Why do they want to join?: Once you are accepted, you can contact me on discord and we will schedule an irp meet up to hold the initiation ceremony. Discord: N-Vious#5616 ALSO FEEL FREE TO COMMENT SUGGESTIONS AND CRITIQUE IT!
  8. WE NEED MORE SWAMPS! I think we definitely need more swamps and like spooky areas! We literally only have one spooky area in the whole map! Also add more stuff to the roads, they are just bland forest paths.
  9. Fliers would be posted at every major city and town all across the Arcas. One flier stuck out because it had a strong scent of fresh herbs.The flier was in pristine condition as if it had never even been touched.The flier would be in a fancy font and perfectly printed. The flier read: “Hello to everyone that is reading this I am Kekzo, just a normal snow elf looking for some minas. I can do anything as long as payment is in the equation. My skills include fighting, I am 5”10” with a medium build and skill with a blade. Also I can do labor like gardening, mining, building and more. Anything you need done, I can do it. This will be temporary work until I reach the amount of money I need. The choice is yours... OOC: Thanks for reading! If you are interested in hiring my character message me on discord N-Vious#5616 or my in game name is SparkyWiz and full character name is Kekzo Umresuc.
  10. I say you should add a new desert somewhere or expand the Korvassa desert. The Korvassa desert is fairly small and It doesn’t really have much to it.
  11. Sorry my formatting always gets messed up when I convert it from docs to here. If you have any suggestions to fix it that would be appreciated
  12. The Tale of The Hóu-Zi Rè The Desert Dwellers By SparkyWiz “What would happen if someone was stuck in a blazing hot, arid desert, with no supply of food and water? Well, their brain would get baked and they would most likely die after a few days. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about this poor group of monkeys.” Origins It all started from a group of Hou-Zi, seeking a better home for themselves. The leader of this group Xiǎo Shuǐ (Small Water) had been an outcast his entire life, he got passed around from foster home to foster home until one day he ran away. He came back, many lunar cycles later and attracted quite a following. After people heard his story they gathered around him and treated him as their leader. The First Act After a lot of superstitions, the elders kicked Xiao Shui and all of his people out of the jungle, they thought there was a cult amidst. He was used to this, he knew what to do. Shui and the last eight of his people followed him out of the jungle and set sail, little did they know that would be the last time they would see a jungle. They sailed west of the jungle and landed upon a desert, The sands of Korvassa. The Sands of Korvassa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXZ3mXL8tnA&list=PLCZXHhFwTdLiEkeU1H7-uGOlRQZMgYMVz&index=2 (Music to set the vibe) As soon as the band of misfits stepped on the land, they knew something was abnormal. The heat was unbearable and the winds were nearly strong enough to blow them off their feet. Everytime a gust of wind blew past the group got one step closer to fainting, as they trekked across the desert hoping to find shelter. “Finally water!” cried out one of the followers, “Bai chi” (Foolish) , Replied another. There was no water, they started to hallucinate. After hours of walking the group came across a cave where they decided to take shelter for the night. One Fei-Zhu found some clay in the cave and decided to start making pictures on the wall of herself drinking water. Night was nearing and the need for water was getting desperate. The group set off as a whole once again and searched, for what it seemed many sunrises, endlessly walking. They would hear thunder in the distance, slowly getting closer, then rain started pouring down. The Hou-Zi cupped their hands and drank away at the rain water. “Maybe it is sun, gifting us water,” said a Hou-Zi “Don't be silly, you don't believe sun is alive, do you?” questioned Xaio Shui. Giving in to the Heat The group eventually came across a large cave on the side of a massive sand hill. The inside of the cave hosted a pool of water that connected to an underground stream. They decided to stop trying to escape the desert and settle down inside the cave. They all lay down on the cold wet floor and passed out. One of the followers, Chan Lung, woke up to the sound of someone whispering his name from outside the cave. Instinctively he got up and almost mindlessly magnetized to the sound of his name. He noticed another Hou-Zi in the distance, he started running towards it but the Hou-Zi wasn’t getting any closer. “NI HAO!!!”, Lung shouted at the mysterious Hou-Zi. He finally caught up to the Hou-Zi and went to touch him, as he did that the Hou-Zi disappeared. He went back to the cave and woke everybody up. Chan Lung told the others about what he saw and they all shared similar experiences they had during the night. Finally after silence throughout the whole conversation, Xiao Shui spoke “I come to conclusion, it must be sun, speaking to us, we won’t betray sun”. The tribe of Hou-Zi would be known as Hóu-Zi Rè. (Literally “Monkey Heat in chinese”) The neighboring areas became aware of this tribe and tried to drive them back as they were no longer normal. Marsumar became one of the tribe's biggest enemies, because they often sent scouts into the desert and the tribe would usually get into conflict with the scouts. Information About Playing This Tribe Language The Hou-Zi Re tribe speaks nearly the same as normal Hou-Zi except they somewhat have forgotten most larger words. Also they have much worse grammar. Behaviour They are only hostile if they feel threatened by someone else. Also they never attack other Hou-Zi even if they are normal Hou-Zi. A Hou-Zi Re will attack on sight if a non tribe member goes near the desert area where they live. They may go in cities, but rarely converse with people. Skin/Looks The Hou-Zi Re tribe has slightly different adaptations than a normal Hou-Zi. They have whiter sun stained hair. Also some may have less hair but that is uncommon. They wear less clothing mostly charred, burnt up rags, or that cool desert fantasy clothing. How To Become a Hou-Zi Re The only requirements for becoming a Hou-Zi Re is you have to have a Hou-Zi character, and you have to make a skin according to how they look. There is no application to join just message me on discord and find your way to the Korvassa desert in game. Discord: N-Vious#5616 Thanks for reading, it took awhile to make. -SparkyWiz
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