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  1. the fruitless arguments and OOC politics of LOTC bore me.

    1. Epistile


      Ur not enlightened stfu 

    2. Tiresiam


      sometimes i wake up and chose violence

  2. the head bites the tail...

    1. Hephaestus


      … in death  we are born

  3. [!] A flier would be found around the decently travelled and populated cities of Almaris. It was written in fine script by a shiny, silver ink. -=- Some curious drawing, esoteric in nature it would seem. -=- “To those of curious tendency, It is in my age that I have come to see my own brilliance unfurling into something even greater. With age, comes wisdom, and while one may learn to be smart, or skilled at a craft; the wise do not practice, it is a trait bestowed upon those worthy enough to carry the burden. So in these times of great change and natio
  4. [!] Error: Required Speech Skill = 32 [!] Error: Required Semantics Skill = 13
  6. facts bro, everyone will disregard RP and just call pvp when there is conflict now, not that that didn't already happen, but I feel like there is a big encouragement for mechanical stuff and pvp over roleplay now-a-days.
  7. are there any good interior builders out there that I can employ for some minas? Dm me for more info Nozoa#5616

  8. "And so the wizened will toil, oblivious to their obstruction of faith and the equilibrium. But from their practice, perhaps some light may shine through so that the untold could enlighten, and the knowing could know more." Murmured some philosopher after reading the advert.
  9. who wants to play wizard101

    1. Nug


      lotc magic should just be wizard101 cards

    2. Wizard of NOZ

      Wizard of NOZ

      1 minute ago, Nug said:

      lotc magic should just be wizard101 cards


    3. Temporal


      DUDE I WOULD 100%

  10. man does anyone have Arcas world download 

  11. IGN: Wizard0fNOZ Category: Poetry Piece: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10ILz7nHZt_CEGq5GRYqe3EZQu5niOZ0c_oJRfj0iNm4/edit?usp=sharing I hope you like my poetry !
  12. next year we will have to take matters into our own hands...

  13. gonna make a status update at 11:59 pm so I can have the last player-made status update before forums go bunger (though it is in reality probably satire)

  14. "There goes my business!" A certain elf whined.
  15. Ay my man Basket, even though I probably caused quite a bit of trouble for you (with the ban stuff and all that) I still think you did pretty well. Have a good retirement.
  16. no this should be strictly cultural, not concrete in my opinion.
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