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  1. Saerwen Al-Nabeel nudged her sister eagerly upon hearing the news, a bright smile on her lips. "Heard that, Ara? They're opening the bakery!"
  2. Jalice

    Arcas Mapped

    this is so cute i love it
  3. Jalice


    I was born in the city of Tahu'lareh, among snow elves, however I was not accepted, for my mother, Elysse, was not of their kind. My mother was a heartlander, while my father, Dakhi, was a snow elf. Because my father was an elf, conceiving me proved to take years, thus, my mother never got to witness me grow up, seen as she died a couple of years after she gave birth. Ever since I was a child, I could never find some place to belong to. My father couldn’t stand getting ridiculed for raising a “half breed”, so in the end, he had decided to leave his society, and moved to Helena with me. And so, I was around humans most of my life: I went to school with humans, made friends with them, experienced life as a human; however, I also witnessed many of my loved ones slowly wither away, one by one, leaving me alone with my father. But one day, I found out the reason we were able to sustain ourselves was because my father had turned to theft, murder, and many illegal ways to earn money. He got caught and imprisoned, doomed to execution; because of this, the authorities assumed I had been part of his illegal activities as well, and so I had to flee the city. Ever since then, I have been on the run, trading whenever I’m in need of supplies, staying in one place for a small amount of time before quickly leaving, so no one could recognize me. And my only means of combat is my bow, that I’ve earned in a deal with a merchant. Now I’m travelling, from one place to another, following my heart, helping people in need and doing what I think is right. I hope to one day find what's right for me; expand my knowledge on certain topics, improve my combat skills, learn the ways of magic, and maybe even find true love like my parents did.
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