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    In his past he was betrayed by a friend of his a friend who cared more about coin than life. That friend isn't in this world now, dead by his own greed. Zerphi's father wasn't very supportive, always ashamed of such son. Zerphi, like his father, is a farfolk. But he didn’t agree with his tribe (Zailu) actions and didn’t respect their culture, always rebelling against his father and tribe. He was tired of his life, he wanted to change something. That’s when Zerphi decided, he would quit his tribe. One day...Zerphi left his home in Adria and decided to travel on his own and find a better place in the world. In his travels, he didn’t find adventure. He found misery. In his first day someone stole his back that contained food, and he had to find food in the nature. It only got worse...he saw things that he didn’t want to see. Monsters, more thieves and murderers. Somehow, Nobody attacked Zerphi, but luck doesn’t last forever. One Night, Zerphi was preparing his tent in a forest, when suddenly a sword raised next to his throat. “Zerphi, right?” said the man pressing his sword against Zerphi’s throat. “How do you-“ “Know your name? Simple, someone placed a bounty on your head, and I’m here to claim it.” Zerphi closed his eyes, he was ready to die since he had nothing to lose. But the stranger only had time to scratch Zerphi’s throat before falling to his left with an arrow stuck in his skull. A Wood Elf appeared and helped Zerphi standing up. “Did he harm you?” Her voice was soft. “Just a scratch. Who are you?” “Oh. I live in this woods alone, I have my camp nearby if you want some food.” Zerphi turned around. “Thank you. But I’m fine by myself.” “I’ll be in my camp if you need me.” The elf turned around and before she moved her legs, Zerphi grabbed her arm. “Can you, teach me a little about bows?” After some time. They became close friends and Zerphi learned that she’s called Kallah and learned about Cerridwen and Cernunnos, both part of her religion. She told him why she lives in the woods far away from her parents, Kallah had issues believing in Aspectism, and also, believing in herself. She got kicked out from her home. In a rainy night. Zerphi was sleeping in Kallah’s camp when a stranger got in and attacked Kallah, thinking it she was Zerphi. He heard her scream and quickly ran towards her tent with a bow and an arrow. When he opened the tent his eyes saw Kallah’s body laying on her blood. Furiously, Zerphi shot an arrow towards the murderer but failed. The murderer grabbed his throat and prepared to stab his knife, but got pushed back by Zerphi’s right foot, releasing him. He to the arrow fallen on the ground and stabbed it on the murderer. Zerphi had nothing to lose again, only had an objective in mind, find and kill the man who placed a bounty on his head.
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