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    I was born in Sutica. me and my family as most snow elves practice the religion of Aspectisim witch is the ritual worship of the two gods of the wild, Cernunnos and Cerridwen. From birth I was said to be rather active which is rather normal for a male elf. Throughout my life I have goten in alot of trouble. When I was 16 I was arested for theft. When I was finaly let go my family kicked me out of my home to protect there honor. Sence then I have been sad and lonely. I became a theif and stole to survive but I never harmed anyone. My disguise was a carpenter. I abandoned the elven kings land and moved to the human population. on my journey to the Far folk land I saw orcs patrolling I avoided them. then I met a horrible angry troll looking for food. I fought him but I was losing so I ran across a bridge and as soon as he got on the bridge it collapsed and the troll fell and died. I started to do jobs for... certain people.I was good at my job as a theif. Iv got good agility, I'm swift on my feet as most elves are, and good at stealing. But then I got caught. I had a death penalty and my sentence was death or to join the army and participate in the war against the orcs . I obviously chose to join the army i had no choice. and now i am here fighting with the "human king's" army as a soldier. my mothers name is Sarah and my fathers name is Grendel. I have two brothers Malek and Jeff. I had a friend named Dreck. I had a lot of education within the art of fighting with the sword and mathematics but besides that not much more.
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