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    Raithrin Pellenor of the princedom of Fenn was born in a family directly worshiping wyrvun she was almost glowing as her skin was as white as fresh snow. at the age of 4, she started walking – she looked rather thin and scrawny also having a bit of trouble with her vision but had a voracious appetite. at the age of 14, she was deep into knowledge and book and loved to hear the tales of the merchants and bard’s she came across. at 15 training to be an officer and to be ready to battle when she gets to 50 began as a birthday gift almost as she enjoyed the challenges and at 50 became a fully trained military women being ready if a war or battle was to come and later on at the age of 78 she wanted to know more and quit the military but still offered to help when needed. and soon after she also got herself a tattoo on her back representing wyrvun. with her being a mute she could only write her phrases in the text of a small notebook she kept with pages to spare as she wrote her dictionary incorporating visual aids she drew making her quite the adept artist also using a form of languages with her hands and arms using hand signs to speak making good use of her facial expressions also. being from a family in the capital she had a wide assortment of garments from lapis lazuli blue to light blue with many trinkets of jewelry and a set of armor which was adorned to be quite stylish. motifs which she loved to wear a bit more than the casual clothing.
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