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    Ulric was raised by his mother a highlander and his father a heartlander in a big house near a lush forest and river. He started life not so humbly as his father was a known cartographer in the nearby villages, he was the second child of their generation whith his sister being five years older than him. At the age of four he started realising he really liked adventuring with friends around the parcel and his very proud father noticed too. He started a homed education at the age of six and actually liked it a lot, along the way he met some friends and developed stronger relationships with his family. Their family was not the worshipper type and did not really believe in any god which was disaproved by the nearby villagers to a point they wouldn't even let their children play with him. As the time passed by he noticed his father started to go more oftenly to the capital city of the empire, Helena. Once when he was Twelve him and a small group of friends decided to "Explore" a nearby area full of dangerous caves where his parents had told him not to go, at the start he acted responsibly and opposed to such a threat but slowly got convinced by his eloquent best friend, after exploring the caves they concluded, there was nothing else to see, but just then a wild boar charges to one of the kids, being ignorant they all just run while the wild boar chases them, that moment scarred him for life, but certainly not negatively, thats when he first felt the thrill of real danger and as a teen he wanted more and more, let alone the fact that he also loved exploring. But as the years passed and he finished his full education that thrill was completely lost and in a search for more he finally left his familly and embarked on a journey to the wilderness simply discovering and exploring everything he could. This was an idea his father loved and so he started his journey across everywhere and nowhere to end up wherever he could stay the night.
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