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    I was left on the doorstep of an elven home in Llyria, I grew up with two sisters Who My parents loved much more then me, I was the black sheep, My parents regretted adopting me, They considered me inferior, I could see it in their body language, their temperament and actions, however theyd never say it to my face. I repaid my families disdain with mischief, I was always stealing something, Making a mess and I would be yelled at afterwards, these childhood Misdeeds would grow in Severity in my teen years, I would bring orc women home From time to time, take the family cartridge for joy rides. we were not a rich family, My mother and father had fled Haelun'or for reasons they never told me, My father was a Teacher, My mother a seamstresses, we made by. Eventually when I turned 43 I Decided it was time for this Little raven to leave her nest of doves, and so I did. I became a wanderer, did some soul searching.
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