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  1. Stealing in style 75 MIna
  2. GN: ArcaneSwiftyDiscord: Cale#0229Skin: EdictBid: 220
  3. GN: ArcaneSwiftyDiscord: Cale#0229Skin: EdictBid: 170
  4. Cale Scanning every inch of the flyer, talking to him self he said "Guess, I should go. Got nothing better to do." he said Folding the flyer, putting it into his back pocket.
  5. GN: ArcaneSwiftyDiscord: Cale#0229Skin: NovaBid: 230
  6. GN: ArcaneSwiftyDiscord: Cale#0229Skin: NovaBid: 210
  7. Cale Read through the paper, Skimming past most of the words before Putting his name down on the paper. Talking to him self he said. "Hope I'm not late.."
  8. Discord:Cale#0229 Skin:Pirate Bid:50 Pog
  9. IGN: Swifty_Ramen Discord: Cale#0229Skin: NovaBid: 180
  10. Sirswifty


    I changed my lore and the meta gaming stuff.
  11. Sirswifty


    Uriel was born into a family of villagers that lived near the cloud temple. His mom and dad where simple farmers trying to make a living off of what they got. It was hard at first with Uriel the family had a hard time taking care of Uriel. Uriel liked to play in the forest near the village, he would look at the cloud temple from a far wondering what it was. One day Uriel came back to village to find out all the water was drained from the villages river. Months pass and we could not grow anymore food. Winter was coming making it so we had to move to a new place. Many friends and family died alo
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