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    Raised as an Uruk but didn't have the intelligence of his family, Guldrak was trained as a fighter and soon became a key asset to the Rex, who led him into many wars. Guldrak was born in San’ Azgak and immediately started to get into trouble in the huge city from a young age, and was discovered at 15 by one of the Rex’s bodyguards. They wanted him punished, but the Rex saw potential in Guldrak and sent him to learn to fight for the many upcoming wars that were planned. His family (especially his mother Naz) were reluctant as they had wanted Guldrak to go into the family tavern, but he was only getting into trouble due to the excessive amounts of drink that was on hand. Eventually his mother agreed that Guldrak could train to be a fighter and would be able to fight for the now depleted clan of Braduk. Guldrak had had very little education growing up and struggled around his cleverer companions. However, what he lost in intelligence he made up in his strength which was very unusual for a Uruk as Guldrak was. Guldrak soon found a good friend in Varbu and the two were inseparable when the first battle was announced. Guldrak and Braduk’s army fought hard and well but what they didn't realise was that this was the beginning of The War of the Black Flag and there were many hard-fought battles to be won. Tragically, Vardu was killed in the first battle, but Guldrak managed to escape and found his way back to his family who were still living in San’ Azgak. Guldrak felt that he had betrayed his friend and Braduk by fleeing the battle so his mother and his 4 brothers hid him until the name Guldrak must have been forgotten. At this point, Guldrak was 35 and could no longer stand working in the city and had the same crazy manner as he did 20 years ago. This is where we reach Guldrak today as he roams around the lands searching for anyone who dares challenge him and ruthlessly taking out his enemies. His mother (Naz) passed away 3 years ago and with no one to keep Guldrak under control he has gone rogue once again.
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