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  1. Well Lord of the Craft, it was fun seeing what everyone was up to, but the ban stays in place so I'm head out. See you when I get hyperbored next year I guess.

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    2. BipolarMk2


      My IGN, despite having successfully appealed another unrelated ban with said IGN, playing for months with said IGN and then being banned after not having logged onto the forums or game for months, and now they want me to change it (no) and tell them why it's bad (also no).

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      I guess they want to defeat the CEO of racism huh

    4. BipolarMk2


      The CEO is a brown man from Sri Lanka, I'm just a fan.

  2. Who remember when we trolled so hard we started a “war” with a “nation”?

  3. Who do I speak to so I can get my VIP status on the forums?

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      I've recently edited this guide for an upto date standard. 



    2. BipolarMk2


      The Freja command doesn’t work for me. I’ve been whitelisted so long that my application doesn’t even exist anymore, nor is this my original forum account.

    3. Jenny_Bobbs


      I'll be with you shortly. 


  4. I hate how regioned the map is. It’s annoying. It’s very empty, made worse by the number of completely uninhabited mega builds are around (Fenn, the three dozen human towns, etc) The giant trees are cool but the lack of normal minecraft scale things makes the world a bit awkward. You get penalised for leaving your little square of activity. Ensures dead places don’t get RP as no one moves around.
  5. Anyone got a copy of the Asulon map handy (an absolute longshot I know)?

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    2. Samler


      Is there a chance that you can send it or something? Want to relive the old memories. ?


    3. BipolarMk2
    4. NotEvilAtAll


      making the linky linky rn

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