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  3. Introduction The people of Seyam have certain customs that should be respected and followed while in the city, some have been known to be harassed on the streets after they have not bowed correctly. Here, you will learn some of the customs in our kingdom. Court and Religious Customs Royal customs are very important, when meeting with the Suldaan, Sayin-Alufa, or another person of high importance. Before speaking with the Suldaan or the Sayin-Alufa, you should greet him with Murhara, and Lra, depending if he is the Suldaan or Sayin-Alufa. Then, you must bow a graceful bow, at least so that you see ½ of your feet. If it a curtsy, then you must dip your head at least so you can see your torso, legs, and feet. This is exempt from people of Royal descent, unless they are a cousin or not closely related to the Suldaan’s family. When greeting a Noble, state them by their title, then followed by their first name and last name, then followed where they are from. For example, one would say “Greetings, Grand Lady Zuwena Maridhia ag Sulyné of Seyam.” No one, but the Suldaan and his direct lineage is exempt from this. Although, it is considered rude for a Suldaan to not address their peerage by their full title. When greeting a Sayin-Alufa, it is considered uncouth to greet them by their birth name, rather, you should greet them by their title, followed by chosen name. For example, no one would say “Greetings, Sayin-Alufa Jumaane, good day.” But, one would rather say, “Greetings, Sayin-Alufa Abdu, good day.” When greeting the Suldaanad (Queen-Consort) of Seyam, you would bow or curtsy before them, same as if you are greeting a Sayin-Alufa and a Suldaan, before speaking to them, then stating them by their title, (Suldaanad of Seyam), then by their name, place of birth, and finally, relation to the king. (In this situation, you would say “Wife to the Suldaan”. For example, one would say “Greetings, Suldaanad of Seyam, Julisha of Mjabku, wife to the Suldaan.” When greeting the Ina Amir(ad), Amir(ad), Ras(ad), or a Rasadi, you would do the same, except changing the name, place of birth, and wife/husband of (if any.) Common Customs Common Customs are not as significant or important as Court and Religious Customs, in fact there is little to none. When greeting a mother or father of any family, you should kneel before them before speaking. When greeting a family member, you should hug them, unless they are one of the following. In exile. A criminal. A disgraced member of the family.
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  5. Grand Lady Zuwena Maridhia looks to her cousin while she passed him in the street, “Erasto,” she said, holding up a flyer, “May I go to this event?” @princeliest
  6. Spoken Language of the Southeron in Seyam “Jua lianguke tena” Formal Greetings and Words In the Ghanwua language, there are several formal greetings and words to be used and when to be used. For example,”Murhara” is to be used in the presence of an important figure, such as a religious leader or Suldaan. This will be sorted by importance rather than alphabetical. Murhara - “Hello”, to be used in the presence of a King, Suldaan, Religious figure, or another notable person of high importance. While visiting other kingdoms for diplomatic reasons, it is customary for one to curtsy or bow at low enough that one looks at the floor. Lra - “Your Highness/Your Majesty/Your [Title]), to be used when a commoner is in presence of Suldaan or Religious leader. Aei - “Yes”, to be used while in the presence of a King, Suldaan, Religious Leader, or leader from a different culture. Noe - “No”, to be used while in the presence of a King, Suldaan, Religious leader, or a leader from a different culture. Maron - “Mother/Mom/Mama” to be used while in the presence of your parents. Parani - “Father/Dad/Papa”, to be used while in the presence of your parents. Gwali - “Teacher”, to be used in the presence of a teacher. Informal Greetings and Words Much like the Formal greetings and words, these have certain times for when to be used. For example, these shouldn’t be used while in the presence of a Religious Leader, Suldaan, King, or someone else of high importance. Murha - “Hello”, to be used while not in the presence of anyone important. Instead of bowing or curtsying, you give a wave. Ae - “Yes”, to be used while in an informal setting. No - “No”, to be used in an informal setting. Mari - “Mother/Mom/Mama”, to be used while not in the presence of your parents. Paran - “Father/Dad/Papa”, to be used while not in the presence of your parents. Numbers One - Ul Two - Ie Three - Tra Four - Fver Five - Eig [Ei-a] Six - Lis Seven - Ira (Idt-a) Eight - Egi (E-gee) Nine - Non (No) Ten - Ulia Eleven - Udo Twelve - Uda Thirteen - Trakija Fourteen - Trakija Fifteen - Eighkija Sixteen - Liskija Seventeen - Irakija Eighteen - Egikija Nineteen - Nonkija Twenty - Twalu Upon twenty-one the pattern is “Twa” plus the ending “lu”, “lie” “lae” et cetera. Twenty-one would be “Twalu-ul” Twenty-two would be “Twalu-ie”, and so forth. Language Rules The letters 'Ar' at the beginning of a word implies that the title is the vice/co/deputy of another title Example : Theres a Taezaz and then theres an Artaezaz The letters 'ad' at the ending of a title implies that the title is a female version of another title. Example : Theres a Suldaan and then theres a Suldaanad. (For some titles, if a woman rules in their own right you'd add the letters 'adi' at the end of the title rather than 'ad' - Suldaanad would become Suldaanadi) Ag means of. Ex : Erasto Asseyou ag Seyam = Erasto Asseyou of Seyam
  7. stream calling all the monsters by china anne mcclain!! it sent MILLIONS to college.
  8. Although not knowing the queen, Augusta Borsa gave her a hearty smile before floatishly-walking on over to her. “My queen,” she said her voice whispy and gurgly, her throat slit, her body pale, she knelt down before her. “You did wonderful.” Augusta then floated on back to her corner she designated to herself in the few hours she’d been there.
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  10. MUSIC AUGUSTA BORSA, 1717-1742 Augusta Borsa headed out of the Haense city walls to attend to her old friends’ potato farm, shortly being met by an elegant man wearing purple. He asked to speak with her, and the young and Naive Augusta agreed, only to soon find that she would be murdered by him and his accomplice from Morsgrad. Tears flooded her eyes, they shortly stabbed her in the throat, her gushing, red blood spilling everywhere. She prayed for another chance. What had she done wrong? What made her end up like this? Augusta knew it was because of the war. A war that she would so proudly defend, and would not regret in her final moments. She knew this was the end for her. Her story was over, was she to be reborn? Or look down at her people she grew to love in the heavens; for only GOD knows. In her final moments, she regretted never having any children, never marrying, never living life to the fullest. She cried out in agony. She wondered if anyone would miss her. She wondered what would’ve happened if she grew old with her husband. She wondered many things that she would not get answers to. Then, the light came in. She was gone.
  11. AN INTERVIEW WITH JACQUES DE BEAUMONT 7th of the Snows Maiden, 1742. We here at the Haenseman Paper interviewed Jacques de Beaumont, on his thoughts of the current attacks by Morsgard, local politics, and more. We here at the Haenseman Paper do not take any responsibility for whatever our interviewee’s say. Q: What are your thoughts on the Attacks by Morsgard? A: Damn barbarians is what they are, Mere idiotic displays of puppet power. Q: How do you feel the king is serving our kingdom? A: His Royal Majesty, King Andrik of course does his utter best to deescalate the situation between us and Morsgrad, and more importantly us and Rubern, sadly things don’t always go as planned, for I find his Royal Majesty to do a significantly excellent job in this current situation. Q: How do you feel about her Majesty, Queen Milena Ekaterina's relations with the public? A: Of Course I can Imagine about her Majesty, Queen Milena, but for time of threat I find her to be doing an excellent job keeping her head cool and being Vigilant. Q: How do you feel local politics are going as of right now? A: Me, as a soldier in the Army don’t like to get myself in between politics, of course there are certain actions I disagree with, but I rather such would keep my political opinions to myself. As of this time, I am fine with how it is going, next to the war, that is. Q: What would you say to the men and women, mothers and fathers, currently fighting in the war? A: For the Men, Women, Mothers and Fathers, fighting under the flag of the Empire, I can merely say that they need to remain vigilant and true to their Nation, for we fight for one common goal, together we battle, and together we shall win. Written by Augusta Johanna Borsa, special thank you to Jacques de Beaumont for serving our kingdom, our people, and for agreeing to be interviewed. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 7th of the Snows Maiden, 1742. On the 15th of this month, the feast of Saint Tobias the Pure will conduct. This feast is a celebration of the winter solstice, and will usually be held in the city square. The holiday was originally a very solemn affair. Be sure to give gifts to friends and families! AN INTERVIEW WITH THE GRAND PRINCE, ANDRIK PETYR 8th of the Snows Maiden, 1742. Q: What are your Aspirations as King of Haense? A: My... Aspirations? Well, my only desire in the world is try to do what is best for my subjects as my father and I seek to preserve the Haeseni legacy. Each and every Haenseman is dear to me, every soul is sacred, and everything that I do when I ascend to the throne will be in their name and for their benefit. For now though, I merely wish to see this war come to a victorious end and this kingdom prosper without having to worry about barbarians at the gates of the Empire. Q: How do you feel about the current situation with Morsgrad? A: If I might be frank with you, Miss Borsa, I believe that the current ongoing political situation is a travesty. It is my belief that the Brotherhood of Saint Karl did no wrong in attempting to apprehend the deserters from our military in question. Make no mistake, the causes behind this war have clearly fabricated and the other nations of the A.I.S have been swindled into joining Morsgrad as they seek to wage this unholy war against civilization. It is but an excuse for our enemies to, once again, target our people and our culture out of hatred, nothing more, and nothing less Q: If you could say something to the people serving our kingdom, what would you say to them? A: I would tell them to keep on fighting, whether they be servants or soldiers, peasants or noblemen. However they can contribute, I would urge them to do so and continue to serve Haense with all the vigor they can muster. This war is one in defense of our homeland, and each and every man must pull his weight. I also applaud the men and women of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl as they engage in a daily struggle to defend the people of our kingdom. Q: Would you ever help the lesser classes in a time of need? A: Eh? What sort of question is that, of course I would! Make no mistake, the Crown does not exist simply to serve the nobility alone. It is true that the my father is the liege lord to all the nobility of the realm, but he also has a responsibility to protect and defend the common man of this kingdom as well. At the end of the day, we are all Haesemen, and the Crown has an obligation to assist the lowliest of peasants as well as the highest of lords. Q: Lastly, What is your favorite food? A: I must admit that I'm rather impartial to spit-roasted venison, although fowl gotte is another of my favorite dishes. I highly recommend taking a look at Andrik Freidousein's cookbook though for other great Haeseni recipes. It's a good read! Written By Augusta Johanna Borsa, Special thank you to the Grand Prince, Andrik Petyr. ADVERTISEMENTS Write to Augusta Borsa for an Advertisement of your business! SPECIAL THANKS TO… Grand Prince, Andrik Petyr, Jacques de Beaumont, and to you for reading. SUBSCRIBER LIST Write to Augusta Borsa to subscribe to our paper, you’ll have it delivered to your door. STAFF Write to Augusta Borsa to be employed in our paper!
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