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  1. AN INTERVIEW WITH JACQUES DE BEAUMONT 7th of the Snows Maiden, 1742. We here at the Haenseman Paper interviewed Jacques de Beaumont, on his thoughts of the current attacks by Morsgard, local politics, and more. We here at the Haenseman Paper do not take any responsibility for whatever our interviewee’s say. Q: What are your thoughts on the Attacks by Morsgard? A: Damn barbarians is what they are, Mere idiotic displays of puppet power. Q: How do you feel the king is serving our kingdom? A: His Royal Majesty, King Andrik of course does his utter best to deescalate the situation between us and Morsgrad, and more importantly us and Rubern, sadly things don’t always go as planned, for I find his Royal Majesty to do a significantly excellent job in this current situation. Q: How do you feel about her Majesty, Queen Milena Ekaterina's relations with the public? A: Of Course I can Imagine about her Majesty, Queen Milena, but for time of threat I find her to be doing an excellent job keeping her head cool and being Vigilant. Q: How do you feel local politics are going as of right now? A: Me, as a soldier in the Army don’t like to get myself in between politics, of course there are certain actions I disagree with, but I rather such would keep my political opinions to myself. As of this time, I am fine with how it is going, next to the war, that is. Q: What would you say to the men and women, mothers and fathers, currently fighting in the war? A: For the Men, Women, Mothers and Fathers, fighting under the flag of the Empire, I can merely say that they need to remain vigilant and true to their Nation, for we fight for one common goal, together we battle, and together we shall win. Written by Augusta Johanna Borsa, special thank you to Jacques de Beaumont for serving our kingdom, our people, and for agreeing to be interviewed. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 7th of the Snows Maiden, 1742. On the 15th of this month, the feast of Saint Tobias the Pure will conduct. This feast is a celebration of the winter solstice, and will usually be held in the city square. The holiday was originally a very solemn affair. Be sure to give gifts to friends and families! AN INTERVIEW WITH THE GRAND PRINCE, ANDRIK PETYR 8th of the Snows Maiden, 1742. Q: What are your Aspirations as King of Haense? A: My... Aspirations? Well, my only desire in the world is try to do what is best for my subjects as my father and I seek to preserve the Haeseni legacy. Each and every Haenseman is dear to me, every soul is sacred, and everything that I do when I ascend to the throne will be in their name and for their benefit. For now though, I merely wish to see this war come to a victorious end and this kingdom prosper without having to worry about barbarians at the gates of the Empire. Q: How do you feel about the current situation with Morsgrad? A: If I might be frank with you, Miss Borsa, I believe that the current ongoing political situation is a travesty. It is my belief that the Brotherhood of Saint Karl did no wrong in attempting to apprehend the deserters from our military in question. Make no mistake, the causes behind this war have clearly fabricated and the other nations of the A.I.S have been swindled into joining Morsgrad as they seek to wage this unholy war against civilization. It is but an excuse for our enemies to, once again, target our people and our culture out of hatred, nothing more, and nothing less Q: If you could say something to the people serving our kingdom, what would you say to them? A: I would tell them to keep on fighting, whether they be servants or soldiers, peasants or noblemen. However they can contribute, I would urge them to do so and continue to serve Haense with all the vigor they can muster. This war is one in defense of our homeland, and each and every man must pull his weight. I also applaud the men and women of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl as they engage in a daily struggle to defend the people of our kingdom. Q: Would you ever help the lesser classes in a time of need? A: Eh? What sort of question is that, of course I would! Make no mistake, the Crown does not exist simply to serve the nobility alone. It is true that the my father is the liege lord to all the nobility of the realm, but he also has a responsibility to protect and defend the common man of this kingdom as well. At the end of the day, we are all Haesemen, and the Crown has an obligation to assist the lowliest of peasants as well as the highest of lords. Q: Lastly, What is your favorite food? A: I must admit that I'm rather impartial to spit-roasted venison, although fowl gotte is another of my favorite dishes. I highly recommend taking a look at Andrik Freidousein's cookbook though for other great Haeseni recipes. It's a good read! Written By Augusta Johanna Borsa, Special thank you to the Grand Prince, Andrik Petyr. ADVERTISEMENTS Write to Augusta Borsa for an Advertisement of your business! SPECIAL THANKS TO… Grand Prince, Andrik Petyr, Jacques de Beaumont, and to you for reading. SUBSCRIBER LIST Write to Augusta Borsa to subscribe to our paper, you’ll have it delivered to your door. STAFF Write to Augusta Borsa to be employed in our paper!
  2. The soft wind breezed through her hair as she looked at the divine fields. Soon, her Mama called for both her and brother. They came sprinting from the fields, excited for whatever Mama has cooked up today for supper. The two children raced towards the supper table, jumping into their seats for Mama’s food. She cooked honey apple pork today, an old family recipe. Then, Papa came home. He gave Mama a quick peck on the cheek before sitting down to eat, he was dirty and smelled like manure and dirt, after all, he was working in the fields all day. Mama gave him some of the honey apple pork, his stomach growled, and he dug right in. After Mama, Papa, and the two kids were done eating, they headed off into their small rooms, settling down for the night, as tomorrow is a new day of work. Written by Augusta Johanna Borsa
  3. i am FUMING.. absolutely FUMING.

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      Alright, I’ll bite the bullet. . . What has happened to you, and why do you require the internets attention?

  4. Dusana Jastrow shakes violently in her home, only coming out once she’s heard of a queens address to her people. Not being able to read, she looks over the notice up and down, trying to figure out what it means before quietly requesting one of the other peasants to help her read the address. She nodded, giving the peasant a few coins as a thank you. She then waddles back into her home, looking around her home like a crazed old woman.
  5. im aaron and im a twin >:D anyways hi! i come from another rp server and im lookin to have a fun time!! I like slayyyter an cherli xcx and saying luv. oh i also listen to musicals and I will assert my dominance.
  6. fifth harmony is broke and shops and goodwill 😭😔 sending love & prayers their way 💕🙏


  7. Walking along the streets of Reza Dusana Jastrow hears of the Emperors notice, instead of giving a warm, happy feeling inside, it gives her a cold, scared angry feeling.
  8. NAME: Dusana Jastrow NOBILITY (Y/N): N.  if not, GENTRY (Y/N): N  RACE: Highlander, Human  PAST EXPERIENCE : N/A.
  9. Application:  ((MC Name:)) boleyns ((Discord [Can Share Privately]:)) ☾ ᴀᴀʀᴏɴ ⋆#6524 Name: Dusana Jastrow  Age: Twenty-four  Place of Birth: Haense Position Being Applied For: Handmaiden, Servant Previous Job Experience (If Applicable): N/A.
  10. deerrie

    boleyns skins!

    pls fill out the form if u dont i will unleash my wrath that no god or human has ever seen
  11. deerrie

    boleyns skins!

    HEY. This is kind-of an IC shop functioning as an OOC way for me to earn Minae! To make things easier for me, I’ll send you to this link! If you’re interested, fill it out! Here’s my PMC. And, here are my skins. Prices are listed below the skins. 1 - the red duchess (or peasant) 2 - dusana jastrow, the artist and tailor. (personal skin!) PRICES! and other stuff ! Full Skin – 200 mina Outfit – 100 mina Head – 50 mina Skins/Races I will do. Human Elfs (all) Orcs (all(?)) Dwarves (all) pls dont repost my skins/steal them/give them away without telling me first! if you dont get it within one week after your skin should be finished/your wait, dm me on discord! (☾ ᴀᴀʀᴏɴ ⋆#6524) depending on the waitlist, you may not get your skin for some time (sorry!) current wait list! TrendE Vermy Sarissaa n/a n/a
  12. Dusana Jastrow looked at the Notice curiously, before going home to contemplate whether or not to join.
  13. deerrie


    Born to a poor farming family in Hanseti, Dusana never cared for the farm life. Rather, she was infatuated with painting and dancing. She would often draw figures in the mud outside her home, using a stick, or another pointed tool. Dusana longed to leave Hanseti, and go to the capital of the Oren Empire; Helena. But, for now, she just wanted to paint and draw. Inspired by the works of many great artists of her time, she begged her father to let her train under a local artist named Sobieslaw. Sobieslaw taught her most of everything she knows, but, she still struggles to paint accurately. With her boring life on the farm, and her hatred of both animals and plants, she set out to find a city where she belongs.
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