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    Thank you! I’ll be sure to get this done ASAP
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    Sherry Greenwood is an elf that has a seemingly normal life. From a young age her beauty was admired in her home town of Haelun’or, which her parents moved to because Sherry’s mother was with child at that time and wanted to avoid the conflict going on. However, she wasn’t popular since her best friend, Frond, was a wood elf. She knew frond for a very long time but when her father, Johhan Greenwood, caught Sherry and Frond sparring, he immediately separated them and Sherry had to endure lectures and a life of being coddled and unable to go outside. Sherry received an amazing education by being home schooled by former adventurers who had been hired by her father and, despite Johhan’s intentions, the tales told from her teachers sparked a curiosity to go and see the world in a young Sherry. Sherry showed to be a sponge for knowledge, reading their home library dry and re-reading books in her spare time. With no younger siblings, Sherry spent her days in a cold house with parents who wanted the best for her but were afraid of the outside world. One day Sherry stumbled upon the Greenwood family heirloom, a page (seemingly from some sort of journal) written in Ancient Elven. Her father told her that it was a mantra from their ancestor Francois Greenwood which read, “Though the wind of time is strong, we shall not bow.” With this knowledge, from age 14 to 18 Sherry Greenwood would research the journal entry in between the lessons her father planned for her. Sherry found out that the last sentence on the page was cut off, which meant that there was more written somewhere. And so, Sherry’s adventurous spirit ignited with a purpose, to find the rest of her ancestors journal and uncover the secrets of Ancient Elven combined with her aspirations to become a Maehr’sae.
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