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  1. Twins makes sense. Glad to get things organized!
  2. "Dun forget Jam's Famous Sour Doug'!" Monkey said to himself with a grin before realizing nobody was in the room. Sad.
  3. Nobody has to start with the accent or anything, and if you ever have any trouble understanding any of us feel free to say so in #looc or a private message!
  4. [!] A Missive is planted over the top of the Girl Fort Declaration. Joining the War of Ve Lifstala We, the weefolk of Bramblebury, have heard your cries of war. We are sick and tired of being pushed around by the common man! Here and now, we the children and honorary children of the Halfling Race declare that we are joining your battle! Fear us! Much Love, The Halflings
  5. The Halfling Man's face slowly shifts into a grin as he reads over the missive. "It is toime tew s'ow t'e bigguns w'at t'e wee are ma'e of!" A Declarion of War of the Kids - The Village of Bramblebury - The Lord Of The Craft
  6. Armilas lowered his head solemnly as he gazed over the missive. "Rest well, old friend."
  7. [!] A missive was slammed onto Kas' door along with the noticeboard. DEAR IMPROPER, I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL OUTSIDE THE TAVERN IN A PUMPKIN DAY'S TIME. BRING YOUR WEAPON. WE SHALL SETTLE THIS. [Event taking place at 8:00 PM EST, Today]
  8. Monkey Peregrin leaned back in his chair "Long may t'ey lea'."
  9. The Ballot: ((MC Name: )) Name: Monkey Taurin Peregrin Vote for Elder: Burt Hassenfort (x) Onelia Peregrin (x) Kerraline Goodbarrel (x) Cyris Collingwood ()
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