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  1. 25vp


    I've done everything, what's next?
  2. 25vp

    Hi how do i know if I've been accepted or denied 

    1. Demotheus


      A member of staff will reply to your application regarding this when it’s been reviewed.

    2. FlemishSupremacy


      ur talking to a robot, bro, freja’s just a bot

  3. 25vp


    Arthur is a traveller, I have been helping towns grown and I love to create houses and help the nature grow. I keep to the forest to help blend in. I was born in a small village called the shier. I have been travelling and learning new skills and have ended up here. I have had to battle through wars and escaped (the battle of the Elders) . I had to join the side that was wrong to survive, I had to kill to stay alive or I would be called a traitor. I fraught for orces. At the end I went to the valley of peace, where I helped build a church and help create a school. I also helped Woodland Town I stayed there for 2 years and also helped build a school.
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