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    Thank you for the kind words and the quick review! I just deleted the sentence. Let me know if I need to add another lore reference as a substitute or if it’s good to go!
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    Publius Veranicus, born 21 years prior, is a human from the wealthy Veranicus family residing within New-Reza of The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. In his childhood, Publius was well-educated courtesy of his wealthy parents and also assisted with the management of the family’s agricultural lands. He has seven siblings, and he detests all of them because they use the money from the Veranicus household to pay for all their useless belongings. Money should be earned, not handed out, and Publius detests his family because of their philosophy on wealth. Publius abandoned his family at the age of 16 because of his desire to earn his own fortune, resulting in Publius decided to become a traveling merchant on the black market. Publius mostly spends his time around the trade-centric Federation of Sutica. Even though the free trade is irrelevant to his career as a black-market merchant, Publius thinks that the constant trade happening throughout the Federation makes a more-than-adequate cover for his black market operation. Additionally, Publius also wanted to capitalize on the factional conflict that the Sutican’s experienced in the early stages of the Federation, hoping that factional divides would break out again. However, Publius will travel wherever business takes him. Usually, he likes to hover around areas of conflict. He does not care who he sells to what the object he is selling with be used for. All he cares about is making as much money as possible. To achieve this end, Publius uses conflict as his means. Whenever possible, Publius will try to stir up trouble in order to create scenarios where individuals will need to purchase weapons, armor, or other items from him. He considers himself to be truly neutral and tries to avoid picking sides whenever necessary. It is better for business if both sides of a conflict are open to buying goods from him. Despite his affinity for causing conflict, Publius is a weakling himself. He is of slender build and = ability to use powerful weapons. When Publius is faced with physical conflict, he uses a short dagger that he has hidden in his long robe to quickly stab his opponent and flee. This surprise attack is the only way that Publius can reliably attack an opponent; and he flees because he is a coward who does not have the physical ability to stay in a prolonged fight. Publius uses his cleverness to try to avoid fighting on the frontlines whenever possible, often manipulating friends and foes alike to fight on his behalf.
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