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    Thackeray was raised in New Malinor as an orphan. He didn’t enjoy being in that lands, so he escaped and went living like a nomad, because he didn’t comprehend the reasons and the chaotic environment the Elf society was going through. The only education he got was the one he could learn from himself and the lessons life gave him. Once he saw and experimented with the growth of trees and the difference between types of trees. Some years after his escape, he was sleeping in the woods and was suddenly waken from the sound of three Human Bandits looking for a prey in the woods. In that situation he learned the importance of tranquility and to think before a reaction. He could barely escape the Bandits. This experience marked him forever, he was almost killed. After long meditations about this incident he got to the conclusion that his parents could had have the same fate, and decided to go after any clue of his parents. 30 years have passed and he has collected, spare clues about who his parents are and he’s determined to find them to answer fundamental questions about his existence. He has the reputation of a loner, and that is because he feels he is the only one that can find his parents. He also writes about philosophical questions, and history specially about the Great Collapse, in which he has particular interest in, and publishes books with a pseudonym. One knows Thackeray’s tranquility but no one knows what he could do if enraged .
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