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    I didn’t know where to put this but the skin I’m using Minecraft user acceptWonkLore gave me permission to use his skin
  2. JNick


    When she was young she would travel with her father around the world seeing new things and learning the business from her father. Until the day he got sick they went back to the home in Healun’or immediately. It was like a flash when they got there and she needed to take over to support her mother. So she did whatever means necessary; picking up on how to sew from her mother and learning the art of cheating and stealing from an old convict she befriended at a bar. Now trying to master all these skills she used them to start her own business. A few months pass and Dyffos has at least made enough for her parents to live on. Her father and herself where at the end of her mother’s death bed. The loss of her mother brought her into a cold and empty state of mind. Dyffos spent a few years traveling around looking for places to stay, but no matter how hard she looked no place really interested her. So, she decided to head off into the world surrounding her city on her own due to the stress of the War of two emperors and constant warlike state in Healun’or.
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