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  1. Deitto

    The Crash

    Upon hearing the CRASH, Taurin speed-walks over to the beach, fearing the worst. Once he gets there, however, and sees the Shrimp still intact, he decides to check out the wreckage later and walks away.
  2. Taurin sits down on his bed. The past few months had been rough, but he had promised Sean to be happy. He refused to cry, forced himself to not let a single tear roll down his cheek. He decided that in order to be happy, he has to make people happy, and pledged to do that in the name of his best friend and colleague, Sean.
  3. Taurin sat down at the Spicy docks, his legs hanging over the edge and his toes just touching the water. He didn’t cry, he didn’t sign, he felt one thing and one thing only. Anger. His mind was flooded with memories of Polo, from his initial birth to finding him, skinny, tired, and slightly crazy, underneath a tree near Morsgrad, and he suddenly got up and sprinted towards the Puddlefoot burrow. Taurin wanted revenge.
  4. Taurin doesn’t even read the article as he rushes past it to farm more pumpkins.
  5. My Experience with Filibert Applefoot [!] A picture of the slippery worm on his way to make another slanderous article! Filibert Applefoot is a stain in our community. Not only has he attempted to ruin the reputation of me, he has also attempted to invade other halfling’s privacy. Time and time again he has done shady things that have gone nearly completely unnoticed. This article explains my experience and opinion of the liar and manipulator, Filibert Applefoot. Written by Taurin Gardner. Point 1: Invasion of P
  6. Name: Taurin Gardner Fort Fortified [ ] Fort Knox [x] Big Fort [ ] Devil Springs Vodka [ ]
  7. [!] A poster would be pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard. B.O.O.S.E: Brandybrook Order Of Security Enforcement [!] The detectives working on their latest case! Since the death of Micah, Anne and Deek, me and Sean have felt that not enough is being done to prevent further damage to our community. Thus, we set up B.O.O.S.E, an organisation dedicated to investigating, solving, and avenging future incidents. Who are we? Taurin Gardner: Captain of the Spicy Shrimp, husband to the thain Isalie Gardner.
  8. Taurin, upon seeing the body, would stumble backwards on the sand, landing with a loud thud. Very quickly, he’d get up and run to his burrow. There’d he’d sit, collecting his thoughts, before his letter arrived. As he read through the letter, he would feel the prick of tears, although he’d smile at the advice given. He’d sit there for a while, in the faint light of the fading sun. Soon he’d put the letter down, wipe the remaining tears away and stand up. ”This can’t happen again.” He’d leave the burrow and make for the tavern. ”I won’t let it.”
  9. No because it is called Lord of the Craft for a reason – it is based on Lord of the Rings. There’s no firearms in LotR, so I don’t see it fitting into LotC
  10. Players/Group Requesting: Spicy Shrimp Crew. What kind of Event are you looking for?: An event in which our ship goes sailing, but as we’re doing it, a ghost ship, full of ghost pirates arrive out of thin air and try to attack us and steal stuff. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Sunday 19th April, 3pm EST would be great, but a later date will work. The ship is docked in Brandybrook. Organizer's Discord: DitDit#7892
  11. [!] Posters would be scattered around Brandybrook and beyond. The Spicy Shrimp is recruiting! -=Our crew at the wheel of the Shrimp!=- You heard me right! We are sailing the seas once again! Our goal is to search every nook and cranny, every stone and pebble, and every bottle o’ booze throughout the realm of Arcas. Think you’re up to it? Who’s in the crew? Taurin Leafwalker (me!) – Captain. Deek Driftwood – Quatermaster. Isalie Gardner – Medic. Father Jago Brownfolk – Musician. Pervinca Driftwood – Booze supplier. What’s the ship like
  12. Out of Character Username: DitDit Discord: DitDit#7892 In Character Full Name: Taurin Leafwalker Race: Halfling Age: 52 Job / Occupation: Captain of the Spicy Shrimp / Sailor
  13. [!] A poster would be pinned to the Brandybrook noticeboard. [!] An illustration of the ship, it seems old. Lo all! The Shrimp is still in Sutica, but that doesn’t mean that the crew can’t meet up! If you are in the crew, would like to join the crew, or just want to drink booze and socialise, make sure you show up at the Toady Traveller as the elven week ends! Taurin Leafwalker, Captain of the Spicy Shrimp What: A gathering of the Shrimp’s crew, anyone who’d like to join, or anyone who’d like to drink and socialise. Where: The Toady Trave
  14. [!] A wanted poster is scattered all over Brandybrook Name(s) Wanted! After a long and tiresome investigation, me (Taurin Leafwalker), Deek Driftwood and Honour Rackham have finally deduced who stole the ship (with maybe a little help from a genie). So – the ship was found in Sutican waters and me and Deek had a discussion about what we could do. He put me in contact with Honour, who is the harbormaster for Sutica, but she said no one came to her for permission. We searched the ship and found no clues. T’was nice to be back on it though! This means the thieves were most likely locate
  15. Is Anne + Jasper the cutest halfling couple? -Yes -No ✓ Leave a check next to your answer! Taurin + Depression is!
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