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  1. ^ it’s because I literally have an appeal that’s pending and honestly if it’s accepted I might play but if not I will literally be leaving this server-
  2. I’m not a proctologist, but I know an ******* when I see one.
  3. So.. uh, never thought I’d be here this early. But anyways, I might be quitting LOTC. I have seen how the staff team has lots of issues with it, and I am honestly leaving due to this. Regarding reports, bans e.c.t. So I kinda want people to help me decide I guess, so just state your opinion, if I’m a terrible person or a great one e.c.t. sorry for the like really short post, I was not feeling it today,
  4. are u trying to promote some mlm like young living essential oils or noterra aka DoTerra?
  6. Ah yes, because your a moderator you decide whats a **** post and what isn’t. Just because my idea wont work doesn’t mean others can’t work off of it.. k.
  7. So pretty much you now decide you side with Hunwald and Grool? I don’t care if it in-cooperates case law. Something needs to be done. I don’t care if you guys volunteer. Good for you. That argument is valid, no argument about this is even valid. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING. Its ******* tiresome that I had to write this then be criticized or told “its not going to work.” I know it isn’t. It’s an idea which others can build on?
  8. Yeah, cool. I don’t really care. We don’t have millons to choose. Just pick god damn players. Also nobody asked if case law applies because they break a rule and then don’t get banned or atleast demoted?
  9. The evidence has been on the table for a months. I referring to Harrison's post you can view it below. The staff team has failed to fulfill their duties, this is 100% true with this post. I know i wasn’t involved in this post or whatever but with the recent commotion on the forums with the ban issues. This needs to be fixed also @VonAulus and @Hunwald have been proven to be biased and corrupt. This should not be happening even if its just a minecraft server. When evidence has been dismissed theres a problem, its been confirmed. If the admins are here to protect their fellow staff members from getting banned, outrages me and many other people. I have a problem that Hunwald has been proven to be biased and hes still here banning me. If you’ve been banned for “toxicity tell me in the comments. This possibly could be some more evidence. So I have mustered up enough courage to demand a fail trial NOT decided by admins. We can run this like a court meeting in United States possibly could be the same in other countries, I really don’t care. We should have 12 jury members and they can have a defendant if they want to. Anyways, we can have a maximum amount of people who can present their evidence on the other side so it doesn’t last for days. People can spectate then the Jury can talk to each other and decide. To make it balanced we can have 6 players and 6 staff members on the jury. The admins and staff can go off at me all they want but there is a PROBLEM and this needs to be fixed now fairly not by admins.
  10. Should I be concerned if my ban appeal has not been checked in deadass a week or more?
  11. UwU, wanna talk in DMS. ((You don’t have to respond LMAO)
  12. same uwu lots of uwu love – PettyDoesCrack 2020
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