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    Sylva was born and raised in Arcas for most of her childhood. Her parents were named Istra and Lionel. Sylva was educated at her home, along with a few distant cousins and her best friend, Elorea. When Sylva was twelve, her sister, Ena, was born. A few weeks after the birth of her sister, Sylva came home to find only the remains of her parents and sister. Their death was a mystery. Sylva went to live with Elorea, until her grandparents arrived in Arcas to take care of her. When Sylva turned fourteen, she woke one morning to find a long gash across her arm. Her grandparents had died. Certain she had something to do with the deaths of those closest to her, Sylva fled the city to Al’Khazar, hoping by doing that, she’d keep others out of harms way. She never stayed in one place too long, and one day death stopped following her. However, Sylva continues to wander about, never quite finding her place in society, haunted by the deaths of her family.
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