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    Otto was raised in a small farm a bit outside the town of Helena. The family on the farm consisted of all of Otto’s family, including his parents, 4 siblings, and uncle’s family. Since childhood Otto grew up in a religious family, preaching the significance of an unknown religion created by Otto’s grandfather. Otto’s education stemmed from the teachings of his Grandfather alongside common knowledge gather at Helena. Otto was very invested in Helena, banned from leaving the farm, Otto ran away to Helena at the age of 16. Along his travels he found an abandoned wagon that contained a small amount of minas and a classy wardrobe consisting of upper class clothing. Once arriving at the town, he has been living on the streets. During his time in the city, Otto looked up to The First Brigade. He sees them as men worthy of praise and upmost recognition. When Otto turned 21 he returned to the farm, only to see it abandoned. He is unsure of the whereabouts of his family, however he decided to stay at the farm for a few months and undertake the task of story telling and wrote about his experiences in the city. Otto soon decided to return to Helena, however upon his travel to return he was robbed by man on the road to his return, bankrupt with empty pockets, Otto is broke upon his return to Helena.
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