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  1. Cynthia read the flyer two times over before rushing to Sutica, eager to share it with her husband and family friend.
  2. "Vivec... to think I've actually met a wanted man." Cynthia was bewildered at how... odd the world was.
  3. Koryn Ir'ai Born in 1720 FA Male Halfling Could have made it to three feet. Finding his footing back in Arcas, Koryn went on to live in Brandybrook. Meeting friendly faces such as Isalie Gardener or Micah O'Connell, he went on to become fascinated with the outside world. After escaping his chained life in Arcas when fleeing, he did not go back to Halfling civilization, for he knew that if he did, he wouldn't be able to be who he was. Jumping from city to city, Koryn travelled Almaris in search of informational texts. Upon finding one about racism, he grew disg
  4. A woman of short stature chuckled as she looked at the piece of writing, pocketing it afterwards. "Father isn't even a 'biggun'. Quite usual to believe that they don't think an 'improper' didn't even write this. Perhaps, since he's ill, I shall make note of this for him."
  5. The Racial Justice Guild is now Open! [!] Flyers for the Guild have been scattered across Almaris, some with more tattered quality than others. So, what is the Racial Justice Guild? The Racial Justice Guild was created to create equality all across Almaris for everyone, big and small. We may host protests or try to schedule hearing
  6. I gave birth after it, I didn’t feel happy about the ending.
  7. Stop pulling on my heart-strings, he’s a good person and it’s so sad for him to leave! Props to taking the extra step, though!
  8. [!] A little note is written on the noticeboard. Greetings, everyone! I’ve had time to think for a while, and after giving it some thought, I believe this ‘event’, if you’ll call it that, may liven up both Brandybrook and the Library in our very own town! Currently, our issue is with the stock of the library. The limited knowledge we host at the moment is too little compared to other libraries. However, if a book is brought to me that is not in our Library, those who bring full-fledged books will be rewarded with various items, such as notebooks to copy books for the Library
  9. “A’ lon’ a’ she’ there, und he ain’, I believe I’ll a’’end!” Koryn muttered to himself.
  10. Koryn Ir’ai had an unusual life. The earliest thing he remembers is when his sister, Lae, was a baby. Koryn was four at the time, but he always enjoyed having her by him. Eventually, when Koryn was 61, Lae suffered from an illness, and eventually passed, with a mental scar welded into his mind.. Koryn’s never had any friends, as he’d always be intro-verted, whether his parents sent him outside or not, so Lae was the only person he could have a true conversation with. After the passing of Lae, Koryn looked for a way to grieve. He found that Knox, The Pumpkin Lord, was part of an old tradition,
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