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  1. +1 The mafia approves -Wojtek Antonicci
  2. ”Guess eh time to change meh ways ay?” hed mumble to himself ”Ama beh a new wonk.”
  3. Wojtek would smile ”New friends aye? Greyt. Cannut wait.”
  4. Olgarth would nod as he met the elves before and agrees to this partnership ”Diz iz hozh. Da mur da marryer az pinkiz blah”
  5. Olgarth would shake his head with a sigh. ”Diz wil turn oot badzly.”
  6. Olgarth would frown and clench his fists to this news. Olgarth would shout “SKAH! MI WILL TRY TO FIND KORGAHK!”
  7. RP Name: Olgarth MC Username: sub2pewdiepiepls Discord: What Up#5375 What Nation Are You Affiliated With?: Krugmar Why Do You Wish To Come?:I wish to seek adventure and get better at rp What Skills Can You Bring?: Some good combat and with Olgarths strength he can carry extra loot if you’d like.
  8. OlgarthTheOrc


    Olgarth was born in the northern mountains. His father was very traditional in a warrior way. And as Olgarth was at the age of only 3, his father carried him in to a forest a long way from his village. His father left him there to see if he could survive the trial. Olgarth remembered the way back. As he watched the way and tried his best memorizing the path his father took. Olgarth passed the test and he was proven worthy to be his fathers son. His mother always told him about the spirits and the religion of shamanism as well as the curse of Krug and his descendants. Olgarth learn more about this the more he grew. And the more he grew his father took him for more hunts. Olgarth started learning how to be an excellent Hunter as well as how to meditate, worship the spirits and how to contain the bloodlust inside of him. One day Human immigrants have crossed the path of Olgarth and his father. It was Olgarths first time seeing a human. His father killed one of the humans but kept the other.The other human did his best to teach the village of how to speak and pronounce words properly until someone murdered him in hate of having a different species in the village. Olgarth then built up an urge to explore the rest of the world. And so when he was the age of 18 he decided to get up and go out and explore the world. It took him many years but he had made it to Arcas in the year 1705.
  9. Hello, I have made a LOTC character already. Played the server for a while and then i got really inactive as i had many personal issues. I have no idea what i did with the email i used, i forgot about my name of the character or the username for the forums. So i made a new one. I will be more active this time. And i was wandering if it was possible to make a new character? And if so, what would I do with my old one? or with my old account?
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