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    Nua'la was born in a small village within the kingdom of Renelia. Her father is a traveling merchant and her mother is the village healer. Since her father is away for months at a time, her mother had been the one raising her since infancy. Nua'las mother has also taught her tidbits of healing throughout her childhood, and she had learned much from just observing her mother's work. She learned how to properly prepare Aqua Nymph and Picote, how to use Blissfoil without killing someone (figuratively, of course) and how to treat flesh wounds. Nua'la also spent the majority of her childhood (that was away from her mother) playing near the entrances to the silkworm caves, and reading about the noble deeds Luara and Velulaei did to preserve the Mali’ker. Her great grandmother was one of the head priests of the village, and taught Nua’la all she knows about the noble deities that bless the ashen elves. She wanted Nua’la to be a priest as well, and as the eldest in her family, and one of the eldest in the entire village Nua’la was sent off to began the education required to teach about the Kervira. It was set in stone that Nua’la was going to become a priest, an expectation not only held by her family, but the majority of her village, given her great grandmother's status. That was, until one day her father came back from his travels. Given how Nua’la has been exceeding everyones expectations in her studies, her mother and great grandmother agreed to let Nua’la travel with her father for a few months as a reward. She had never been outside of her village, let alone outside the kingdom of Renelia. The idea of traveling had never crossed her mind, and she would have never guessed the impact of those few months would have on the rest of her life. Nua’la was completely astonished by the things she saw and people she met. She returned home, and was sent back to her studies. She tried desperately to gain back the peaceful tranquility she felt before her travels. But despite her best efforts, Nua’la couldn’t deafen the urge to travel the world. The idea of her family's disappointment of the abandonment of her studies weighed heavy on her shoulders, but the idea of never being able to travel was one of her deepest fears. Eventually Nua’la gave into that urge, and left her village and abandoned all the work she put in to becoming a priest. She now travels around the realm of Arcas, learning more about the world, and herself, then she ever would have as a priest.
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