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    At the age of 53 I can look on my life and say that though it is yet still short, it has been very varied. I was born in The free state of Sutica, and was taught the medical arts by my parents who ran a small apothecary out of our home. When I was the tender age of 30 I had a sudden desire to travel and see the world, so I packed up some food, my books, and moved to Aegrothond to begin my own shop. I fell in love there, with life, with the trees and the water, and with an elvish lad named Ger’gaeron. After several years of courting and some nights together under the moon, he suddenly decided he was not as smitten with me as he had initially thought. My heart broken and feeling betrayed, I moved back to Sutica and began work at my parents shop again. I threw myself into my work and found myself to be very skilled in herbs and medicine. I have guarded my heart and will not trust easily again. I’m trying to make friends again, and have maintained the relationships I had in childhood to the best of my ability. My best friend, Hap’ia works in the market and always has a funny story about the customers she sees on a daily basis. I am looking forward to travelling again, I think I’m ready to adventure some. I would like to meet some different races and people.
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