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    Adelo was born in a rural, unmapped island town on a farm. He never learned how to read or write since there was no education system on the island. Occasionally, peoples of different cultures would come to visit the island and tell the children stories, which is where Adelo had learned of Arcas. Adelo grew up with 4 older brothers, Maraav, the eldest, Halvar, Babak, and Iakopa. His mother got very weak and sickly soon after his own birth, where she died peacefully in her bed next to her family. Growing up, Adelo never had many friends but enjoyed talking to the sheep and chickens on his farm. He did have one important friend, which her name was Kosta. Kosta and Adelo were very close and hung out with each other nearly all the time. Even now in his “adulthood” they still send letters to each other to keep up. His father never did realize what made him so tall compared to the others in his family, maybe it was his mother’s genes, or what he ate, but the rest of his family were all around 5’11” to 6’2”, including his mother. Adelo learned how to cook for his family from the elder women in his town, he started when he was about 8. Adelo left his island and ventured off to Renatus to learn “exotic” recipes and push himself out of his comfort zone. He had heard about the big human cities from his uncle who had served in the Vaeyl wars, and was discharged for losing an arm and a leg, quite literally. (If DMed on discord I have concept art of Adelo if the skin doesn’t quite help and I am willing to adjust anything, just let me know!)
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