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    Being brought up in the Silver State, as a High Elf was always something of a dream, born in Lareh’thilin, to a father who was a merchant and trader, who was often absent, a mother who was an artist who was equally absent, she was often home by herself from youth, with various carers circling in and out through the years to avoid the parents being totally negligent. This led to an arrogance, that went beyond that of normal High Elves, the sense that she from a young age was her own carer. She was joined in the home at the age of 10 by a younger sister, and at the age of 22 by a younger brother. She from a young age tried to raise her siblings as best she could, trying not to pass on her own neuroses onto them. Though that remains to be seen. Educationally she didn’t necessarily excel despite the latent talent to do so. Her parents’ absence gave her a sense that she could conquer anything, that school wasn’t worth her time, and that ultimately she needn’t do anything, going throughout large parts of her life rudderless. That being said, she did find a great love of reading in those years at school, though often not in the same subjects that were prestigious or looked upon well by her teachers or wider society. She studied philosophy, and history, though often from a position of critique and contrarianism grounded in that arrogance. She also took a keen interest in fiction, and whenever her dad did return from distant lands he was sure to smuggle her books from other lands, fiction that was unclean, for not having been penned by a High Elf. Things that would have been beyond the hands of a child. At 23 she tried to sneak into the Eternal Library and was reprimanded for being a mere child, though eventually through an argument with the library, her teachers and her fathers, and a couple of connections inside she was able to find use of it. Though often she used the Eternal Library without the patriotism or respect that most High Elves afforded it, often querying the reality of those ancient tomes. She was particularly fond of performing historiographical analysis of old books, often arguing with people that had been present at the great events of Elder days on the reality of what happened. Naturally the academic community such that anyone knew of her viewed her as little more than a loudmouthed petulant child a victim of an overly libertine parental style. Though this did distinguish her from many academics and there were some younger scholars similarly school children that grew to like her slightly unwarranted overly confrontational style. At 37 she started to get involved in secret with some of the less than savoury literary societies to the eyes of the Blessed Diarchy, penning a series of essays under pseudonym titled the Rotten Diarchy, chronicling perceived corruption as well as critiquing the general hostility and xenophobia inside of Haelun'or, while luckily she was never discovered as the author, the publication was looked upon with hostility from all sides. At 41 she felt a yearning to go travelling, though she was still seen as a child. She felt a strange disconnect from her own culture and from the world at large in the stuffy confines of Lareh’thilin though at her age her mother wouldn’t allow it, but in her heart she has never forgotten that wish to go out into the wide, wide world. Little did she know the naivete underpinning this dream, for the world is much more unkind and dangerous than life in the capital would have her believe. And now at 48 an inciting incident, her father, had gone missing and now she felt compelled to scour the continent for any trace of him she could find.
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