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    At birth her first words were “Happiness” In almost clear words it was shocking for such a young child to speak so quickly, throughout her life she continued to astound the ones around her, she is of pure High Elf blood a Mali'thill. A happy elf girl she was up to 30 years old. She was slandered by her friends and family for her lack of clothing and hoarding of fruit. Her clothing, which was a elegant white robe. Distracted every residence in the The Silver City (Elcihi'thilln) for years, the fruit hoarding forced everyone to rely strictly on meat until the crops yielded them again. Her mother and siblings banished her for continuing to cause the city trouble. When she received the news she would have to leave her family forever to never return, She decided to only speak quiet to not disrupt those around her in upcoming travels, the less they hear her the better she thought. She feasts on fruits everyday, and whistles and sings in loneliness. Passing adventures who see her vine like cobblestone castle pay her visits. They look up to her as a goddess of harvest because her affiliation with food. When she reached 200 years old. She came across a snow elf, with white hair and blue eyes the woman never gave her name and never really talked, but always looked up in admiration. Her goal here was to pursue back rubs. Our fruit hungry elf maiden had no problem letting her train on her back. At first as one would assume it was rough on her back. But soon enough, it started to feel like heaven. When she finally reached 300 years old. The woman packed her stuff and gave thanks. Rose was quite lonely since that was the only friend she had for decades. Rose decided to leave her cobble home to see what the world had in store for her. She traveled thousands of miles. And fought her very first battle. A giant snake, towering over the trees . The battle was tough but rose came out victorious. She decided maybe she should try snake meat tonight as she has never had it. White cooking the snake she noticed it looked a little fat in the stomach. Cutting the snakes stomach open. She found her white elf friend. Nearly digested. Since that day rose tends to forget things as a defense mechanism, to never remember that day she lost her friend.
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