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    Ngalak’s story began as he was born on the Seas of Arcas with both his mother and father part of the Krumgar Region when moving to the city of San’Azgak. Both Ngalak’s grandparents had fought in the Great War of Aegis and left for Arcas before he was born due to their homeland becoming invaded by the undead. While His parents had expected a strong and build young orc, they were instead given an albino as Ngalak was both weak and feeble for normal children. Despite this tragedy for the family as many thought he was cursed, his father had been in extreme denial of his conditions and though to train him up as a regular orc. The training Ngalak endured gave him harboring hatred for his father and soon became an outcast among the orcs for his weak statue and inability to fight very effectively. However as Ngalak grew, his education and thirst for knowledge became greater and greater, but this would not satisfy his father. Soon enough as Ngalak reached adult age, his father sent him off to the mines and with merchants to get what little use out of him that he could since he couldn’t fight or would become a burden to fellow warriors. Ngalak took this badly, as he did not want to be seen as just some “merchant” and disappointment to him clan, and thus as he returned to his father he plotted to kill him for his humiliation. As Ngalak’s plan to murder his father had failed when he was confronted by other orcs, he soon realized he needed something else in the world, even something which his people look down apon, to stand a chance against them. And thus Ngalak had wandered the world and seas for years searching for anything that could aid with his bloodlust and terrible albino weakness.
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