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    Search for stories, waiting for heros. What I really cares is what makes me feel interested. I was born long time ago, around Elcihi'thilln, which is known as The Silver City. My father was a mysterious elf who never appeared in front of me, and my mother, who was a human, said that I’m like him, who was a cold elf, and she didn’t like his attitude very much, so I trained my self to a emotion person. Because of my mother’s race and my personality, I did’t fit in the elf society, and got bullied in my childhood. That’s pretty much a tough time. One day, we were told we would be arrested cause of my father’s guilt, so we escaped from there. My mother was killed when we almost got out. Since then, I’m traveling town to town, to find a reason to survive. Though elfs are longevit, I lived longer than most of the elfs, and I had lots of time to travel around this world. In this long time, who might remember me died, the guilty I had was forgotten, and suprisingly there were no any mention of me in any books. In fact, I’m just a ghost for most of the people. But that’s good to me. Good for the character I’m playing: a observer. In my journey, I’ve met lots of people, and I found that what I’m interested in isn’t them, but the legends they create. I was a observer to the world for decades, but I realized that something’s going to happend, though I have no idea what would that be, I’m searching for the next legend, and maybe I can witness it’s create. (English isn’t my native language, I’ve tried my best 🙂 . )
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