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    Solaris Renathill has been called many things through-out his lifetime. Quiet, bookish, timid, but in the most recent of years he has found himself being called something entirely new and totally unexpected; Snaga. Upon his arrival to Arcas both he and his father were plucked from the roads and dragged off to heat scorched city of Krug'mar. The past few years of servitude have not been kind to the Renathill’s, and their Uruk captors even less so. His father a Mali’thill of immense pride and courage did not last manage to earn his freedom as his unwillingness to serve a lesser race ended in his public and overly brutal execution. His death served as a spring board however, a push that would launch the young elf into an act of unhinged desperation. The young Mali’thill with rage in his heart challenged the Uruk to a duel, a battle that would win him either his freedom or death. The battle was short and bloody, and in the end Solaris proved no match for the strength of an Uruk. So much so in fact that following his defeat he was so bloodied and battered that despite him being only unconscious he was thought to be dead and tossed into a storage room filled with all manner of meats of other plundered goods. And on that night, when only the embers remained awake, the young Mali’thill stole off into the night with only but a handful of supplies and a determination to reach the Silver City.
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