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    Ashryn was born into a strict family, learning to become a strong fighter from childhood. Her two brothers where much better at fighting than she could ever be, making her feel alienated from her military family. The Curse of the elves has always bothered her, she is constantly thinking about when she will die or if she truly ever will. These thoughts are pestering her mind, wanting to get away from all the training she decides to seek solitude in merchanting and hunting. The family is ashamed of her, but generally think it’s for the better good of the family name. Before her travels she found wood elf Elmar Ilirel close to the barracks in her hometown Fenn. After long discussions about what lies outside of city borders he offers to take her to Irrinor, she humbly accept the offer and embarks on the journey south. Along the way she is in awe of all the different creatures there is to find, the new and exiting flavors of meat, the enriched color-palate of nature in warmer climates. But one faithful morning Elmar was gone, not to be found anywhere. all the supplies was gone. In complete disbelief she realized she had been played a fool. No wonder why her family always talked to ill-minded about the wood elves. with not much choice she continues south in hopes of finding some sort of settlement. after a day of traveling and the night sky rising she sees pastel colored rocks with smoke behind it. She had arrived at the Cloud Temple. Little did she know this will be the place where the real journey begins. How could she? All that was on her mind is how she would start trading with no supplies left..
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