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    Duvamil Roywyn was born in Helena during the War of the Two Emperors to a pair of unremarkable commoners, his father a carpenter by the name of Durgelstein, and he took up an apprenticeship when he was of 14 years. For the first six months or so, the boy was quite enthusiastic, looking forward to shaping and joining wood each day. As time passed, however, his mind wandered and hungered. Woodworking simply didn’t keep the boy occupied. At the age of 16 and 8 months, Duvamil began leaving his father to work alone, only occasionally showing up to his apprenticeship. This went on for about a month before Durgelstein disowned his son. Duvamil wandered Arcas for many years, learning to read and perform basic calculations in this time, something his parents never accomplished. When the war in 1734 was declared by the Holy Orenian Empire, Duvamil mustered in with the human empire, where he fought for quite some time before defecting. He continued wandering until he wound up in the cloud temple, where he joins the story being weaved on LotC.
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