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    Mxy Mension is a dwarf, abandoned shortly after birth, in the middle of a crusty city alley. Born with gray hair, he was raised by the streets where he developed a New Jersey accent, and gets bullied for that and the gray hair. Often seeking to annoy people because of being teased all the time, he gets into trouble from his big mouth. Running from an Orc at the age of 7, for calling it a “big ugly rock looking thing” he took advantage of his height and quickly ran under stuff to hide from the Orc. At the age of 12, he discovered his abilities of common magic. Later on, after being scared for a year and a half of what happened to him; he learned to embrace the magic and uses it to confuse and trick people. Now, at 22 he still lives in the streets, underground and pretty much anywhere like a roach. He uses his street smarts to outsmart others and get what he wants, as well as tricking them in the end. Never having any friends besides the stick in his pocket, named “Darson”, he wont seek out to look for anyone else, as he thinks the world is against him. Mxy is a very rude person and is most-likely untrustworthy.
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