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    Being the nephew of Father Harald Vuiller, Lavran Vuiller grew up with his uncle and the rest of the Vuillers in Vuillermoz Valley. Here the family had lived and kept for themselves mostly for over 800 years. Lavrans would spend most of his childhood reading books and studying as well as being thought about the cannonist church, its teachings the one lord, and the saints by his uncle. He would also have a tight bond with his cousin Johan after he finally returned and they would see each other as brothers. He would also be appointed as high steward by Father Harald Vuiller and help keeping an eye out in the lands. as would befit his gift for administration, his general lack of ambition, and mildly reclusive nature. here would have time to put to use his interest in society, an architecture, as well as work on his dream of making the castle into a center for learning, and prosperity. He would have also spent quite a long time in the city of Reza capital nation of Haense. Taking part in its university and library, and discussing with the intellectuals. This is a place where he would have learned much of what he knows, through lectures, as well as browsing the libraries books. While he is not one for political intrigue, or conflict, he has been learned in its ways, and as such can find his way around court life. and knows how the world works, and how to be pragmatic. He has been educated in the canonical church by his uncle, and as such consider that faith perfectly natural, with its norms, and devotions, and has gained respect for people of the faith like his uncle. both for their personalities, and their support for the art, sciences, and learning in general. As his parents died long ago when Lavrans was very young. leading to Lavrans having no true relationship with them instead having grown up with his uncle, and the rest of his family. he views his uncle almost like a father, likewise with several uncles, and cousins having grown up together. Currently Larans serves as the castle librarian, and scholar as well as its high steward, administering the castle while his uncle was often off in war, or religious business, and while most of his family were trying to maneuver politically. Here he has been happy for many years busy the reading about the nature, and geography of the world. of Arcas, and of the human realms of Orin, of the kingdom of Orin, the kingdom Renatus, and finally the holy empire of Oren. but of even more interest to Lavrans was the other descendant races, the civilizations of the elves, and the Dwarves, and the myths and tales of the worlds creation.
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