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  1. hello sorry I couldn't figure out why the "new player" discord wasn't working for me so this is the only thing I could think of. Anyway I'm redoing parts on my application and you stated that my backstory wasn't correct and im getting a little confused on how to fix it to make it right. can you help?

    1. _Pan


      Oh, you are able to private msg me, let me do that

    2. Lunar_WingsYT


      okay I edited my app. and I hope everything is fixed now! if not well I might be kind of lost and need further assistance hah. Anyway I can’t wait to eventually play the game!

    3. Lunar_WingsYT


      I have reedited it again and hopefully its all better now! if not sorry I'm really new to this still.


  2. Lunar_WingsYT


    I was born in Haelun’or a massive beautiful city of High Elves. I had a pretty normal education and lived as a peaceful citizen in the city. My parents were normal citizens in the town and they were bakers and we lived above our bakery. I had two other siblings one being my older brother Guile and my younger sister Adera. I didn't have to many friends when I was younger, but the two I did have were Esmeralda and Ace and they were my most honorable companions and friends, we did everything together. When I wasn't with my family or friends I would be out on the town with my little dog moon. As a child I used to help in the bakery and make some great foods and breads it was the best moments of my youth spending time with my family. But one night the store was vandalized and burnt to the ground me and my siblings were forced to escape and our parents unfortunately did not make it out. Now me and my siblings have been separated on our journeys together and now its just me adventuring this wide world, looking for new friends and adventure! Which now brings me to my current place I’m adventuring and that's the Cloud Temple in Arcas.
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