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    “My life, eh? I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been to eventful as of yet.. That’s why I left home, y’know?” The young man pushes aside pale-blonde locks from his face. “I was the youngest in the house, of all 5 of us, Ma included. Pa died when I was pretty young, around 2 or so? Somethin’ like that. He was really sick, nothing anyone could do about it. Ma was always afraid it’d get one of us. Seems kinda unlikely if you ask me, don’t think we pissed off the Creator that bad, y’know? Anyways, there’s Lenny and Jenny, or uh, Leonard and Jennifer. They’re twins, the oldest, Jenny ended up as a guard in Haense, while Lenny ended up as a baker. Then there’s Canas, he came a few years later than them. Ma kicked him out after he told her he didn’t believe in the Creator, said that if word got out she was housing a heretic, it’d be too big of a blow to business. Last I heard, he was lookin’ into spells and stuff. Then ten or so years down the line, was me. I was pretty sickly when I was a kid, made Ma think about Pa, I think. She didn’t let me go out all too much, so I didn’t really have any friends growing up, especially when the others grew up and started leaving. I didn’t get the chance to do anything! For years, I sat all cramped up in the house, all I did was boring old chores around the house for Ma, helped her run the general shop back in Helena, and go to church. All I ever did was think about leaving, think about going on and exploring Arcas for myself, doing all the dangerous stuff my Ma never let me. I want to go read all the books in the Eternal Library, or explore the caverns of Kal’Varog! Or just.. anything but working in that damned shop.” He had been whining up until this point. “So when I turned eighteen, I told her I had to go. I felt kinda bad at first, she was pretty against it, told me there’d be no-one to help her out. But I know there’s plenty’a guys that’d be more than willing to help out around with the heavy liftin’ and stuff, she’s got a bunch of older guys chasin’ after her around the city, y’know? So I took off! If I’m honest.. this was a lot harder than I thought it’d be. I took some money with me, but it’s lookin’ like I’m gonna have to, ugh, find a job, if I wanna make ends meet. I don’t know the lands all that well either, so I’ve uh. Been kinda’ just wandering. I think what I’m gonna try to do, is find one of those Halfling villages! Those guys are known for their crazy parties, right? I’m sure it’ll be a good time. They, uh, don’t mind Humans joining in, right?”
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