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    My ancestors came from the city of Aeriel and my family has lived there for a long time and served in the army. When there was the realm of Atlas, my kin fought in many battles, but when the realm was left, the fighting skills were hidden deep and they didn´t show up for a lot of generations. A few generations before I was born, my family moved to a small village relativly close to some halfling settlemnts. Thanks to that I quiet enjoy halflig presence, since they are so happy folk. Since then my family were woodworkers and they crafted many different things for the village and for trading, but the fighting spirit was stuck with them. My father was no exception to the woodworking family tradition. He tought me many skills, such as how to use a bow and a sword, but also how to craft different equipment. One day I decided I will set off to somewhere else and I was on my way.
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