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    Born in a small port town, Mira Laranja grew up raising her two younger siblings out of necessity of less than kind parents. Despite all three of them, it was never apparent that any of them were wanted. They would leave for work, and often not return for the week or longer. If they did, it was a routine of abuse for the children, Mira protecting her siblings as much as she could. Mira did her best to keep a smile on her face. She didn’t want her siblings to worry, and tried to keep her poor home life to the side. In any spare time, she would sneak off to the town and try and learn new skills from the other townsfolk. In a town full of strelts, interesting occupations were in no short supply. Baking, farming, blacksmithing, fishing, sailing, Mira took what she could from a safe distance. But the one that caught Mira’s eye were the smith’s sons practicing swordfighting in the field behind the forge. After weeks of watching, she finally gained the courage to ask to join, wagering one of their swords if she could win. She didn’t know what her parents would think about her bringing a sword home, so she never told them. Kept it hidden under her bed only for emergencies. Regardless of Mira’s attempts at remaining sane, the cycle of abuse continued, and her siblings were getting more and more when Mira couldn’t find the energy to protect them. She was beginning to crack. At age 14, the abuse would reach it's peak when Mira threatened to fight back against her parents if it continued any longer. The simple act of rebellion pushed her parents over the edge, and they attacked Mira and her siblings, this time with a murderous intent. In fear for her life, Mira scrambled to her sword and fought back. She was too late to save her siblings, but had enough fight in her to wound her parents and escape the home. All she did was run that night, with the sword at her side. In the days, months and years continued she could barely hold herself together, jumping towns and slums, homeless and alone. From Avalain to Sutica, she knew not where she was going, nor did she care. The trauma ruined her, unable to find a job or even stay in one place in fear. Yet still that welcoming smile stayed on her face, now plastered out of hope that she only dreamt of that night. Her only goal was to survive, in spite of her parents and in light of her now dead siblings. Yet still, the homeless life took it's toll, and her breaking point finally came with a mugging on one cold night. With that sword she still grasps to, she took her attackers life, barely scraping away with her own. In this seemingly unrelated death, she snapped. All the death and trauma manifested itself in Mira's new calling; if death was all she knew, why not make it a lifestyle. At 18 years old, she began her life as a bounty hunter. Not a good one, but she would have plenty of time to hone her skills. No more fake smiles, she found joy in her life for the first time. Mira's whole demeanor changed, from a scared little girl to a carefree, bubbly woman. Unparalleled energy, vigour and sense of adventure, a hollow shell of the human she once was.
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