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    Helios Ashdown was born a hybrid between a High Elf and a Human, along with his family. Helios grew up in the Silver State of Haelun’or. Helios hadn’t been a very social person, and due to this ‘personality’ he had rarely any friends. He was very close to his elder brother, Helsin, and their bond had grown ever since they were born. Helios always admired the art of katana skills, and due to that he began to ‘train’ with anything he could find, as he believed he could become a well-known katana wielder. As Helios grew older, he was then given a wooden sword from his best friend, also known as his brother, Helsin. He believed that Helios could become a good katana wielder, and so, he offered to help Helios with his ‘dream’. As the years went by, Helios had trained to his heart's content, hoping he could get better with the weapon, and was soon given the name ‘Masamune.’ Helios then felt as if he should also ‘fit’ into the elf culture. Helios was a hybrid, and because of that, he wasn’t liked by the other elves, which led him down and emotional sadness. He would keep to himself at times, hiding his true feelings when at his worst times. Despite this, Helios still believed in himself, he would focus himself more on his katana skills, letting his emotions ‘flow’ away. Throughout Helios’s life, he’d forget who he truly was, fitting more into the human culture. Helios felt as if he was ‘betraying’ his people and soon departed from the Human lifestyle and went off to fit in with the elves. At first when he made this decision, he had some second thoughts and soon became stressed. Helios’s father was then assassinated, this made Helios feel sad, left in utter grief. Yet overtime he was able to get over his sadness and fear, proceeding to ‘join’ the elf culture. Helios believed he was going to be shut out like an outcast, yet he was accepted with open arms, despite his blood relation to humans. He was able to understand his ‘other’ culture, and soon got over the departure from the Human lifestyle. Helios was able to practice his katana skills along with learning more about the elves, and soon enough he was able to achieve the I made it feeling. Helios was able to live up to his name and even though he was very well at his katana skills, he pushed through, and was determined to become a skilled katana wielder. At the moment, Helios has been training in his home state, the State of Haelun’or. He has decided he is going to depart from this land, pursuing his dream of becoming a well-known and skilled katana user in the city of Fenn.
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